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By Chad Groover, Patrick Haddon, and Betty Poe

Not long ago, the terms “Republican” and “conservative” were interchangeable in South Carolina. If a candidate ran as a Republican, he or she was expected to uphold the conservative principles of our state’s Republican platform. In fact, the current South Carolina Republican Party platform, adopted in 2012, still upholds the most conservative of values. Yet, our Republican leadership in Columbia has all but abandoned our principles to further their careers, line their pockets, and prevent government transparency.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed. The frustration of conservative Republicans throughout our state has hit a breaking point. We are fed up. We are ready for true conservative Republican leadership.

It’s no mistake that, we, three former party chairs of the Greenville County Republican Party have each independently decided to endorse and support John Warren to be our next governor. John Warren is someone we know, and someone who has demonstrated in his campaign that he is a committed conservative. His message has been clear and consistent throughout his campaign.

Warren is a principled pro-life Christian who is committed to bringing accountability and ethics reform to our state government. His resume shows us he is a conservative, a businessman, and a decorated Marine with an impressive track record of success. He’s the political outsider in this race — which gives him an advantage because he is in no way beholden to the corrupt system. A system that has let South Carolina citizens down time and time again.

John Warren said that he wants to “fight the corrupt insurgency” of our state government, just as he felt called to fight the terrorist insurgency in Iraq after September 11th, 2001. As a Marine who led over 300 combat missions in Ramadi, Iraq, we trust him to keep our state safe and secure and to fearlessly call out the corrupt politicians to hold them accountable.

As a successful businessman, John grew Lima One Capital from the ground up to a billion-dollar industry that has been awarded “Most Ethical Company” in South Carolina, “Best Places to Work” in South Carolina, and “Fastest Growing Company” in South Carolina. His competence as a leader is unquestioned, and his experience and track record of success more than qualify him to be our next governor. He will bring efficiency to our state government and build our economy proven business principles.

More important than any experience that can be linked to John Warren’s resume and track record is his character and his commitment to conservative values. Warren is unashamedly a Christian — a Christian who is committed to family values and to the future of our children. He’s 100 percent pro-life because he believes in the inherent and God-given dignity of every person. As governor, he will serve the interest of the people of South Carolina, and he will ensure the legislature, state agencies, and the bureaucracy do the same.

Our current party platform was specifically dedicated to the children of South Carolina “in the hope and sincere belief that the blessings of liberty will be maintained provided the price of eternal vigilance is paid in full.” South Carolina and South Carolina’s future generations need leadership that is principled, conservative, able, and courageous. South Carolina needs a strong servant leader. South Carolina needs John Warren.

Chad Groover – Former chairman of the Greenville County Republican Party
Patrick Haddon – Former chairman of the Greenville County Republican Party
Betty Poe – Former chairman of the Greenville County Republican Party

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