These Technicolor Flowers will Floor You

Purple artichokes flush Pantone’s Color of the Year, offering relevant applications for the home.


Photography by Chelsey Ashford

PANTONE’s Color of the Year Ultra Violet caught us a bit by surprise with its celestial hues and lofty epitomes. And though it may feel premature to paint the town purple, nature offers us an organic application with a rush of artichokes speeding to spring markets.

The purple variety is almost a dead ringer at its elbows for the Ultra Violet chip #18-3838. Artichokes look pert simply grouped on a table, in a bowl or as part of an arrangement, adding significant architecture to a container.

PANTONE tells us Ultra Violet is forward thinking with energy that communicates ingenuity and calls it an “enigmatic purple, nuanced and full of emotion.” What we’re certain of is that the aubergine globes feel fresh in the home, a symbol of Ultra Violet’s undeniable aplomb.

We asked Suzie Bunn of STATICE to create an array in an Ultra Violet mood and the result is unpredictably warm and earthy, demonstrating the Color of the Year’s natural élan.

Metallics are a luxe complement to PANTONE’s 2018 Color of the Year Ultra Violet, whereas the range of greys and greige popular in interiors of late push the purple hue towards an accented neutral. Hotels have embraced the color purely on its own, featuring its pop and saturated energy in lobbies and common spaces.

Bunn captured early spring with elements that
run the gamut of purple components; the bouquet feels harmonious in shades of violet, lilac and fuchsia, blue-leaning pinks, mossy greens and take note of the artichoke’s citron interior, naturally tipped in bronze.

We created our own palate from this bouquet with an app called PANTONE Studio. In our estimation, it’s a game changer for identifying paint formulations. Simply snap a photo of an object or scene, indoors or out, and watch a
palate manifest. With the tap of finger, your table or décor can be inspired directly from real life.



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