Aromatized Cocktails? Yes, please.

Spring’s newest sip is light, bright, and white hot, garnished with the ultimate accessory: botanicals.


by Stephanie Burnette
Photography by Eli Warren

Drink something new this season at home. This is not your grandparents’ sherry or vermouth, these are aromatized wines, crafted by hand in tiny towns in foreign lands. These elixirs are infused with organic extracts, sit transparent in a glass and are much (much!) lower in alcohol than the crush of bourbon and moonshine crowding shelves of late. They mix perfectly with nothing more than tonic and ice, but garnish them liberally with edible flowers, herbs, spices and even tiny pickled peppers for a photo worthy glass.

Regan Cannon, bar manager at Husk Greenville, is a superfan and plans pour cocktails utilizing aromatized bottles with abandon at the South Main Street restaurant. It’s all about the seasonality of the ingredients — is how he puts it — and believes since their flavors can be more delicate than gin, to use a higher ratio of booze-to-tonic.

“These are refreshing low octane drinks that can be consumed all day long and you will be able to enjoy their flavors. It makes so much sense for springtime when the freshest of new green herbs and flowers are coming up and the air is filled with the scent of them all march, april and may-long,” says Cannon.

We couldn’t agree more.

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The bar at Husk picked three differing aromatized wines for us to feature as the on point drinks of spring. Aromatized wines are readily available at area liquor stores and cost about as much a standard bottle of wine. Their lower alcohol percentage makes them slurpably appropriate to drink-and-repeat.

Manzanilla Deliciosa en Rama Spain The sherry whose name means “on the branch” is unfiltered and bottled straight from the cask in Sanlúcar, Spain. It is surprisingly dry and bright with saline qualities including notes of Marcona
Caperitif Kaapse Dief South Africa This slightly sweetened sip made with Chenin Blanc is flavored with cinchona bark as well as three-dozen indigenous ingredients imparting baking-spice characteristics without tasting autumnal.
Dolin Le Vermouth Blanc France The French white vermouth is the sweet-tart of the trio, perfectly ripe with essence of flowering broom, elderberry and peach to boot. Its silken mouth-feel balances the brightness of soda and it.


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