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Photo by Will Crooks

‘Cheap Eats’ does Greenville

Set your DVRs now. On April 18 at 10 p.m. on The Cooking Channel, “Cheap Eats” host Ali Khan visits Greenville with the challenge of eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack for $35 total in 12 hours. Actually, this episode was filmed a couple months ago, and if you happened to be in one of the restaurants while they were filming, you might spot yourself in the crowd shots (look for me at the dinner stop).

So where does he eat? For breakfast, he hits Biscuit Head for a buttery “cathead” biscuit and country-fried pork. For lunch, see what he orders at Grill Marks — I’m betting with his tight budget he doesn’t order one of the giant milkshakes. Afterward, he heads across Main Street to The Chocolate Moose for a little dessert snack, and for dinner, Khan heads to Hampton Station to White Duck Taco Shop where he orders the duck mole and Bangkok shrimp tacos.

It’s all Greek to me

Another one of Greenville Journal’s most anticipated restaurants of 2018 has opened. Kairos at 1800-A Augusta St. in Lewis Plaza just barely made its projected March opening when it opened right before Easter. The Mount Pleasant-based fast-casual restaurant features a simple menu that has wide appeal, especially for kids, the owners say. The basic gist: Choose a base, protein, spreads, and add-ons. Those options include building a salad; bowl with basmati rice; or pita with falafel, lamb (roasted for eight hours), meatballs, or chicken. Spreads include hummus, red pepper feta, baba ghanoush, tzatziki, and harissa. And everything is made in-house.

Burgers & Beer

Burger joint Grindhouse at 3029 Augusta Road recently closed to undergo a revamp and reopened last week as Burgers & Beer. The result is a pared-down menu with three burgers, one hotdog, and a chicken sandwich, with a choice of toppings and sides — fries, tomato soup, or a salad. And now you can pick from a small selection of beer and wine to go with your locally sourced grass-fed beef burger. Listed hours are Monday-Saturday 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

A treat and a show

Many local restaurants and coffee shops around town feature art by local visual artists on their walls either in a rotation or permanently. Kudos to the business owners for supporting our arts community. One you may not have visited yet is Le Petit Croissant at 640 S. Main St., 101B, where encaustic painter Danielle Fontaine’s “STILL TIME” exhibit is on display. From Fontaine’s website: “Encaustic painting is an art form which uses hot wax as the primary medium, with further application of heat to fuse each new layer of wax as the painting progresses.” So treat yourself to some tasty authentic French delicacies and get some art ed while you’re at it.



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