Why does that burger cost $12?

Arts & Culture | Feb 1, 2018 | Ariel Turner

Chef Alex George of GB&D (Golden Brown & Delicious) in the Village of West Greenville, a block and a half from Reedy River Farms, has pattied and assembled approximately 16,000 of his delectable burgers since he opened in August 2016. And when the season’s right for all the produce to be sourced locally, just about every item on the plate comes from a local, organic farm – including the dill and garlic for the pickles.

To farm-to-table connoisseurs, that’s a dream, but it also comes with a cost – a much higher cost in terms of time, convenience, and actual price. He, and other similarly minded Greenville chefs, could order ingredients from an international food delivery service that sources ingredients from larger, conventional farms around the globe, but the quality isn’t to their liking, and in many cases, their consciences simply won’t let them. They’re committed to the local food movement.

Here’s a breakdown of the average ingredient cost for the GB&D burger.

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