There’s no denying that Greenville’s West Village is the current hot spot for new studios and galleries, but there are new and established places all around the Village where artists can create in their own studio spaces.


Whether you’re a sculptor, painter, or woodworker, there is room for you to practice your craft. Here’s a selection of just a few of the places we have in mind (in the West End and beyond), with the available space, some of the artists who’ve worked there, and, whenever possible, the studio space rental rate listed along with the photos.

Art & Light Gallery

16 Aiken St.
Two studios, 17×12 and 11×11, renting for $200 each
Artists: Jennifer Bedenbaugh, Kevin Isgett, and Matthew Diomataris




The Artistry Workshops & Gallery

12 Andrews St.
Multiple studios ranging from 105-1,800 square feet; some are climate-controlled
Artists: Ryan Calloway, Timothy Chorbadjian, Karen Dillingham, Michelle Jardines Simpson, Kay Larch and Lou Buckingham, Suzanne Vitti, and Dumah Morgan


Greenville Center for Creative Arts (GCCA)

25 Draper St.
30,000-square-foot warehouse space divided into 16 studios
Rates for spring 2018 begin at $150 (university style) and $350 (private locking)
Artists: Danielle Fontaine, Catherine Paul, Steve Courchaine, Jim Gorman, Diarmuid Kelly, Sarah Teal, Polly Gaillard, Dorothy Shain, Elizabeth Troutman, Louisa Pyle Kirk, Sarrah Bostick Farrar, and Laddie Neil


Railside Studios

46 Lois Ave.
8500 square feet of studio space divided between two buildings
Rental rates start at $250
Artists: Fatima King, Liz Overton, Amanda Phillips, Mark Mulfinger, Susannah Mele, Alex George and Lindsey Montgomery, Angela Zion, Christine Sylvester, Yelena Crosston, Matt Crowder, and Alex Fisher


White Whale Studios

401 Smythe St.
Spaces range from 15×15 to 25×25
Rental rates range from $350-$550
Artists: Daniel Crawford, Julie Dodds, Daniel and Emily Jeffords, Kate Landishaw, Garland Mattox, Jackie Newell, and Alice Ratterree



Taylors Mill

250 Mill St., Taylors
Spaces ranging from 200-1,000 square feet
Rates range from $185-$675
Artists: David Butts, Elizabeth Napier, Jonathan Moore, Mary Denman, Bob Ripley, Nathan Bertling, Nicholas Weidner, Tessha Zimmerman Dickey, and James Pittman


[metaslider id=79219] photos by Will Crooks


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