The Spay That Saved a Life


I’m alive today because of you. When we moved to Greenville, my mom, Nikki, brought me in to be spayed through Animal Care’s free large breed dog spay/neuter program. It was too expensive to afford a spay surgery where we lived before, and she didn’t want me having any more puppies. During my surgery, Animal Care’s veterinarian discovered I had a cyst the size of a grapefruit on my ovary. I could have died if it ruptured, so they used money from the Second Chance Fund to cover the removal and took care of it right then and there. Thanks to donations from animal lovers like you, my life was saved and I got to be here to welcome our new human baby into the family. My mom says it’s the best Christmas present she could have gotten! Please consider donating on our website,, to help more pets like me.

– Bella

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