New road to relieve Woodruff Road traffic could be one step closer to reality on Monday


Listen up, anybody who has to travel on Woodruff Road, for some good news.

A new connector road that is expected to cut traffic on Woodruff Road by more than 20 percent will be one step closer to reality on Monday.

The Greenville City Council is expected to give initial approval to an agreement with Piedmont Natural Gas Company, Hollingsworth Funds, Verdae Properties, and Magnolia Park Greenville for design and construction of a new public road from Woodruff Industrial Lane to Verdae Boulevard.

When the half-mile, two-lane connector opens, it will give motorists a way to get to popular destinations on Woodruff Road without having to actually get on the traffic-choked road itself.

Last year, Piedmont Natural Gas, which has a facility behind Target, told city officials it planned to build a private road from Woodruff Industrial Lane to Verdae Boulevard to provide an alternate way to get its trucks out of its facility in an emergency without having to get on Woodruff Road. It asked the city if it wanted to make it a public road and connect it with Ketron Court and Green Heron Road.

The new road will allow motorists to take Verdae Boulevard to the PNG Connector to get to Magnolia Park, where Costco and Cabela’s are located, and the shopping centers that contain Target, Academy Sports, and Trader Joe’s.

According to the agreement, Piedmont Natural Gas will provide $1,287,500 for the project. Verdae Properties, which owns undeveloped land along the proposed new road, and the Hollingsworth fund will donate the right-of-way and contribute $312,500 for the project. Magnolia Park will contribute $200,000.

The City has previously appropriated $400,000 for the project.

Greenville County and the state C-Fund committee are expected to each contribute $400,000 to the project, but they are not a part of the agreement the Greenville City Council will address Monday at its formal monthly meeting.



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