Thrillist: Village of West Greenville about to get ‘crazy popular’

The pork belly ramen from Chef Alex George of GB&D

Like all of you, we here at the Greenville Journal get excited whenever a national publication gives our fair city a shout out – especially you, Conde Naste … that No. 3 Small City nod was completely unexpected and yet so deserved, if we’re permitted a humble brag or two.

But nothing causes us to swell with pride quite like it does whenever somebody notices what’s going on in our stomping grounds, the Village of West Greenville.

This week, the men’s lifestyle site Thrillist turned its attention to West Greenville and what they had to say has us gushing with pride.

We love our neighborhood, but we never would’ve thought somebody from out of town would call it one of America’s 12 neighborhoods “that are about to get crazy popular.”

Here’s what Thrillist reported:

“It’s easy to forget that Greenville is a city of fewer than 60,000, what with all the rooftop bars, first-rate restaurants, and whiskey distilleries that jam its downtown. But as one of America’s best small cities becomes decidedly less small, the village of West Greenville is set to become its next big destination.

Thanks to a 2014 master plan designed to make the area more pedestrian-friendly, the old textile mill village and childhood home of Shoeless Joe Jackson is emerging with a heavy emphasis on the arts and independent creative businesses. The Greenville Center for the Creative Arts has led the way with gallery walks and weekly classes. And people from around the city know the Mill Village Market as the place to get farm fresh food. About a half dozen locally-owned restaurants have jumped the Reedy and opted to open up in the village, best among them The Anchorage and GB&D. Add a slew of new residential projects looming, and it might just be the most exciting new neighborhood in the region.”

Psst. And they don’t even know about the new plaza we’re getting. And they didn’t even mention Tipsy Music. Or Coastal Crust. Or Growler Haus. Or Railside. Or Brandon Mill. Or Village Grind.




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