SC Governor’s School alum starring in ABC comedy ‘The Mayor’

Actor Brandon Micheal Hall

One of the busiest actors currently working in television is Brandon Micheal Hall, and he’s a product of Greenville’s own SC Governor’s School for the Arts.

Hall, an Anderson native, attended the Governor’s School for two years, moving from Pendleton High School in 2009. He studied drama and played a range of parts, most notably the lead in Shakespeare’s “Othello.”

Perhaps most surprisingly, Hall memorized the Bard’s demanding dialogue while dealing with a learning disability, perhaps the worst one possible for an actor: short-term memory loss.

While many of the other students at the Governor’s School had little problem memorizing their lines and keeping their grades up, Hall had to put in extra hours on nights and weekends to keep up.

All that hard work has paid off in spades for him in the last few years. Hall was accepted into the Julliard School’s Drama Division after the Governor’s School and eventually landed roles on TBS’ popular “Search Party” series (now entering its second season) and on Comedy Central’s “Broad City.”

Hall begins his most high-profile role tonight on ABC as the lead actor in the new series “The Mayor,” which is helmed by producers Jeremy Bronson (“The Mindy Project,” “Speechless”) and Tony-award winner Daveed Diggs from the musical “Hamilton.” The cast includes David Spade and Lea Michele, and Hall plays Courtney Rose, a rapper who runs for mayor as a publicity stunt, then has to learn the job on his feet after he wins the election.

“The Mayor” premieres tonight at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.


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