American Grocery Restaurant closes


After 10 years, American Grocery Restaurant, located at 732 S. Main St., has shared its last service with guests and is officially closed, according to a statement released by their publicist, Becky Tanenbaum of Mise En Place Public Relations.

The statement reads, “When Joe [Clarke] and Darlene [Mann-Clarke] opened AGR 10 years ago, they wanted to bring a new look of food and beverage to Greenville, and they are very proud of what they accomplished. Due to rising rents in the city, rising food prices, and the staffing challenges that restaurants are feeling nationwide, they felt like this was the right time to close and put their energy towards the next step in their careers.”

The owners will focus on the growth of their most recent venture, Vault & Vator, as well as some developments with Renegade Vittles, AGR’s underground supper club.



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