White Duck Taco Shop serves seriously fast, low-cost fare

Greenville location opened June 21 in Hampton Station

White Duck Taco Shop offers a rotation of tacos every day, plus house made salsas and chips | photo by Will Crooks

A minute-and-a-half to two-minute ticket time sounds too good to be true at a non-fast food restaurant.

It’s literally the span of time it takes to fill up your drink cup at the fountain, find a table, and get situated.

Enter White Duck Taco Shop, whose quick service is just as much a signature feature as the crispy pork belly with pickled watermelon rind taco.

I can affirm the fabled 1:30-2-minute turnaround time, having now eaten at the new Greenville location that opened June 21 in Hampton Station for lunch and dinner, with friends arriving at different times and ordering separately and waiting in lines reaching the door and no line at all.

What makes the short wait time even better is that on the other end of it is fresh, flavorful food, 99 percent of which is sourced in the U.S.

White Duck Taco Shop shares a wall with Birds Fly South Ale Project in Hampton Station | photo by Will Crooks

The double corn tortilla taco offerings, many with an obvious Asian-leaning flavor profile, change according to availability, but options include fish with pico de gallo, chipotle crema, and cabbage; steak and cheese with lettuce, pico, and Mexican crema; Bangkok shrimp with cucumber, chili aoli, and sesame glaze; banh mi tofu with daikon and carrot slaw, sambal aoli, and ginger glaze; Thai peanut chicken with tropical salsa and cabbage, and mushroom and potato with romesco sauce, pico, and feta. They are each in the $3.45-$4.50 range.

For kids, there are cheese or chicken quesadillas for $3.45.

Sides, such as watermelon with fresh mint or green chile and black beans, are $2, while the chips and salsa trio, which includes a medium red, verde, and aoli-style salsa, or chips and queso are $3.

Desserts, which you really shouldn’t pass up rotate between Mexican Chocolate Pot du Creme with Pistachio Nut Crunch and Coconut Macaroon Pie with Salted Caramel for $4.50.

Side note: look for the green star on the chalkboard menu to denote gluten free items. There are lots of them.

So basically, if you’re not indulging in several glasses of the seasonal sangria ($6) or the top shelf margarita ($10), lunch or dinner at White Duck doesn’t need to involve a major financial commitment.

The environment in the former cotton mill is casual and family friendly. With the outdoor patio, grassy lawn, and biergarten in front of neighboring Birds Fly South Ale Project, there’s plenty of seating space for groups or singles when the weather allows. Custom-built tables branded with the duck logo can seat 60-70 people indoors.

White Duck Taco Shop is located at 1320 Hampton Ave. Ext., Suite 12B. Hours are 11:30 a.m.–9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and closed Sunday.



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