New parking garage coming to the West End

Photo by Will Crooks.


On Monday Greenville City Council approved a resolution declaring the proposed redevelopment of County Square a multi-county business park, a move that would enable developers to qualify for tax breaks. In exchange, Greenville County will build a parking garage in the West End.

The intergovernmental agreement calls for the county to construct a $15 million parking garage to address a critical shortage of parking in the West End, one that will be accentuated by the re-development because the public uses County Square as parking when going to Fluor Field, the Warehouse Theatre, and West End restaurants.

The county will pay for the garage by giving the city Tax Increment Funding district revenue from the West End TIF. The city will own and operate the garage, and the county will not get any of the revenue generated by it.

Greenville County has narrowed the number of potential County Square redevelopers to three. Six proposals were received. The county has not identified which proposals have been rejected.

The county has been headquartered at County Square, an old mall on University Ridge, for 30 years.

The redevelopment of County Square could be the largest development in the history of downtown. The county will keep its offices on the property in a new space, likely a multi-story building instead of the one-story sprawling facility it has now. Some have called for affordable housing on the site, but given the high-value of the land, that is unlikely.



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