This Week in UBJ: The Trumpcare Conundrum


The AHCA, Greenville’s new music venue, Will Rothschild’s exit from Spartanburg City Hall, and first looks at two downtown restaurants — all in the pages of this week’s Upstate Business Journal.

This May Hurt a Bit

Obamacare was good news and bad news for area health care systems. Now that repeal is on the table, hospitals are wondering what the prognosis is.


Music Venue to Open on Woodruff Road

Calls for a midsize concert venue in Greenville may be answered with plans for The Firmament

Sparkle City’s Storyteller

Will Rothschild is moving from City Hall to the Chamber, but his mission stays the same: sharing what makes Spartanburg special.

First Look: Happy+Hale

Health-conscious fare comes to Falls Park Place. Also: A first look at Farm Fresh Fast.


Also Featured:

Furman grads shut down controversial app YikYak

Self-driving vehicle pilot program may be coming to Greenville

Lessons learned from last week’s global ransomware attack

You know you’re a local business — but does Google?

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