Ben Boulware luvs Lunchables, Lunchables luvs Ben

Ben Boulware celebrates the Tigers 2016 National Championship win | Credit: Zachary Hanby

Ben Boulware received a cooler stuffed with free Lunchables from the children’s snack company on Tuesday.

Tigernet reported that the former Clemson linebacker — who recently signed with the Carolina Panthers as a free agent — expressed his love for the snacks in interviews last season.

Boulware took to Twitter a week and a half ago to share a screenshot of the conversation where he first learned he would receive a gift from Lunchables. “This is the greatest day of my life,” Boulware tweeted. “Thank you.”

After practice Tuesday afternoon, Boulware posted a video to Twitter that touched upon how he still struggles to support himself before pouring dozens of Lunchables out of the cooler.

The folks at Lunchables enclosed a letter in the package telling Boulware, “If you ever need a refill, please don’t hesitate to tweet @RealLunchables and we’ll provide you with more.”

Watch the video below:




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