Kenny George finds trouble on new 13-track LP


The Kenny George Band has spent much of the last decade making their living as a live band, playing an effortlessly catchy blend of country music and Southern rock. They’ve released studio recordings before, the 2014 EP Gunshy most recently, but they never quite managed to capture the acoustic-electric magic from their stage show.

Until their new album, that is.

The just-released Borrowed Trouble is a 13-track sampler of endlessly catch songs that mix country heartache with just the right amount of rock ‘n’ roll grit.

Following on the heels of a strong live album, Live From Sky City, the band knew exactly what they wanted to do going into the studio. “We tried to bring a live feel to it,” singer/songwriter/guitarist Kenny George says. “We had more time than with Gunshy, and we got more into a groove with it. That’s the same thing that helps the live show.”

As strong as the songs are, Borrowed Trouble doesn’t do much to place the band concretely in a genre.

“Everyone calls it ‘Americana,’ but that’s too broad,” says guitarist Scott Rankin. “It’s a rock record with country instrumentation. There are a lot of steel guitars and big harmonies, but the songs are a lot more rock.”

Borrowed Trouble is also the most pristinely recorded independent release you’ll likely hear this year. It’s a sparkling, clear-as-day mix that’s made for the radio, provided the programmers can figure out what format to play the songs on.

“It was recorded at Digital Halo in Aiken, by Shawn Guess,” George says. “He’d just finished building a brand-new studio before we started recording it, and the sound is top notch. I loved the quality.”

The Kenny George Band will be playing at the County Line Festival at Greenville Pickens Speedway this weekend.

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