Euphoria’s Roast and Toast salutes our BBQ future


Tickets for the 12th annual euphoria food, wine, and music festival went on sale over the weekend, and to celebrate fest organizers threw Roast and Toast, a barbecue and oyster bash at the Old Cigar Warehouse, on Sunday. 

The Sept. 21-24 foodie fest will feature at least one new event — The Big Easy Bash — and several returning faves, such as the fantastic BBQ-centric brunch, Fired Up! The latter includes such noted barbecue heavy hitters like Charleston’s Lewis Barbecue, Georgia’s Southern Soul Barbecue, and North Carolina’s Buxton Hall Barbecue, the home of Elliott Moss.

Moss was on hand at Sunday’s Roast and Toast to show everyone why this whole hog-lovin’ pitmaster was recently named a 2017 James Beard semifinalist for Best Chef: Southeast. Like all the top Q-maestros, Moss understands that the best barbecue doesn’t need to be smothered in sauces, it can stand on its own. Tender and moist, with just a tinge of smoke and pepper, Moss’ pulled pork was quickly gobbled up by the revilers. 

The Bacon Bros. Public House team was in attendance as well, with chef Anthony Gray serving up some smoked brisket buns with spring onion, ramp vinegar, aged cheddar ají dulce cheese. The slider-sized sandwich was balanced by the salty, fatty brisket and the tangy pop of vinegar.

Caviar and Bananas’ charred corn and chorizo offering was another standout. In fact, it might have been the most complex dish at Roast and Toast, with the taste of sweet corn giving way to the fatty heat of the chorizo and the nuttiness of the pepitas (aka pumpkin seeds).

But as good as the barbecue was, it’s tough to beat a bucket or two of steamed oysters, especially when it’s an uncommonly chilly and breezy day like this past Sunday. There’s not much to say about the oysters, other than they were worth every single shuck, whether you had them sans accoutrements or with hot sauce, lemon, and a cracker.

In the end, we left with more than enough food in our bellies, and longing for Sept. 21.

For more on euphoria, including how to get tickets, go here.


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