Which downtown buildings do you love, which do you loathe?

Credit: Brian Scott of Upstate Aerial LLC.

We all have our favorite buildings downtown, the ones that fill us with pride and true sense that our little Upstate hamlet is becoming a bona fide mini-metropolis.

And then there are those buildings that we all look at and cringe. They’re not just eyesores, they hurt us … right in the heart.

Today, our compadres at our sister publication GVLtoday have asked their readers to let their opinions be known about some of downtown’s most celebrated and maligned new buildings.

So, if you have strong feelings about Main + Stone, the Erwin Penland building, and Falls Park Place, you might want to click this link and let your opinions be known.

P.S. Mayor Knox White has a nice little letter kicking off the survey. Read it, enjoy it, and rate away.



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