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Tony, Correspondent

Heartworms are no joke!

Animal Care had its free heartworm test and prevention special this month, and hundreds of dogs will now be safe from heartworms. I’m so happy for them! Unfortunately, a few owners learned the hard way that their pup had heartworms. They had let them go too long with out preventative. Now their dogs will have to endure painful, expensive treatment to save their lives. I know it’s tough to go get a heartworm test every year and stock up on preventative, but it’s so important. We’re going to keep hounding you (pun intended) all April because it’s heartworm awareness month. Your dog loves you unconditionally. Don’t let him (or her) break your heart by contracting heartworms. It’s 100% preventable, and so much easier than having to put them through treatment!


Palmetto, Correspondent

I’m going to camp!

I’ve already started packing for Camp Animal Care; I’ve got my bone, my other bone, and… well, that’s everything. I’m so excited I could bark! They said I’d get to meet kids of all ages, from 5 years old up to 14, and help to teach them all about animals. There’s a camp for future veterinarians, art lovers, and even the little ones who are just learning how to interact with animals. I just can’t wait to teach these young humans how to make the world a better place for animals like me. They’ll get real life lessons, play with kittens and puppies, and make new friends. It sounds like the best camp EVER! If you’ve got a small human who loves animals, I suggest you register them for Camp Animal Care at before all the spots are filled. I can’t wait to meet them!


Edith, Correspondent

Joy with a dog!

It feels like spring, which means it’s the perfect time of year to go for a jog. Animal Care has an awesome way for you to get fit and help shelter dogs at the same time. Can it get any better than that? The Jog with a Dog volunteer program allows people to take high-energy dogs out for a run in the park every other Sunday morning. It helps dogs like me get the exercise we need so our true personalities can really shine for adopters. If you’re interested in participating, all you have to do is attend a volunteer orientation to get started. My friends and I could really use a good run. We’re driving each other crazy with all the chatter! So please, for the love of dog, become a volunteer and jog with a homeless dog. Visit to learn how.


Haley, Correspondent

We’ll Match You Up Perfectly!

The adoption counselors at Animal Care are the absolute BEST. No, really. They are. My advice to you when coming in to adopt? Don’t get any ideas set in your head. Most people have a specific look or breed in mind before they adopt. In my experience, the best pets are the ones who choose you. That’s why Animal Care hires people like Justin, who can take a description of your lifestyle and your family and use that to choose a pet that matches with you perfectly. Or Casey, who could tell you the personality of almost any dog or cat here. I may not have found my forever family yet, but that’s ok. I know I’m in good hands and the adoption counselors have my back. If you’re the one for me, I’ll let you know that we belong together. So please, come
find your perfect match!


Clyde, Correspondent


14 Days of Love $14 Adoptions

The holiday of love is coming up quick. That’s right, Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have a sweetheart this year, or even if you do, Animal Care has you covered. From February 1 – 14, ALL adoptions are only $14! That includes spay/neuter, vaccines, a microchip, testing and more. Unconditional love is waiting for you right here at Animal Care. What’s stopping you? They especially need people to adopt large dogs like me. Lately there have been a lot of strays coming in and not enough adopters to keep up. If you are ready to adopt, please make sure you come to Animal Care and do your part to build a no kill Greenville County. All my friends want a home this V-Day, and so do I. Adopt a large dog. There’s
more of us to love!


Bodie, Correspondent

Awesome things that happened in 2016

I didn’t stay at Animal Care long. I was lucky enough to be adopted only two weeks after I was turned in as a stray. But during my short time there, I was filled with hope for the friends I made. In 2016, Animal Care made major moves towards building a no kill community. They started programs that would help reduce the amount of animals that enter the shelter while increasing the number of lives saved. 9,264 lives in one year to be exact. Their plans for 2017 are even bigger, and the staff thinks that with enough help from animal lovers, Greenville County can be a no kill community by the end of the year. Can you imagine? They can’t do it without more volunteers, donors and adopters. Will you join in
to make it happen?


Pebbles, Correspondent

Breaking News: Microchips Matter

As a dog, I know that sometimes my kind gets a little carried away. We see a squirrel and run, and before we know it we are lost in a neighborhood we’ve never seen with no clue how to get home. Dogs get lost. No matter now hard you try to keep us safe, we have our ways of escaping. Thankfully we live in an age of technology, and with a simple microchip the size of a grain of rice we can have a guaranteed way of finding our owners once again. Animal Care offers microchips for only $10. What a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with knowing your dog can find you once again. Every animal adopted from Animal Care leaves with a microchip. If your pet still doesn’t have one, don’t delay. Get microchipped today!


Lovey, Correspondent

Building a No Kill Community in 2017

Happy New Year! 2016 was a big year for most of us. Here at Animal Care they announced their mission to build a no kill Greenville County. That’s HUGE. The progress has been so incredible that they’re even saying it can happen in 2017. Can you imagine? Every animal that can be saved WILL be saved if we can all work together to achieve this worthy goal. It’s going to take time, money and effort from our entire community. From keeping the Community Cats program running to saving heartworm positive dogs, there’s a plan to save them all. You can learn all about it at That’s also where you can fulfill your New Year’s resolution by joining the movement. We can make
no kill happen in 2017!



Mattie, Correspondent

Mattie’s Second Chance

I never knew life could be like this. For the first time I have a warm bed, plenty of food and more friends than I knew possible. It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago, my future seemed hopeless.

My brother and I had spent most of our lives on a chain. One day our people stopped coming and so did the food. We were alone, hungry and scared. Four months went by before we were found. My brother had passed and there was nothing I could do to save him. I had to keep fighting. When they found me, I was barely breathing. I could tell by the look on my rescuers’ faces that my situation was dire. They said I was “abandoned” and “emaciated”. All I remember is that I was really hungry and really sick. But I immediately knew I was in good hands.

When I was brought to Animal Care, I could tell that my life was about to change forever. I’d always loved people but did not know they would love me back. I was fed, given medical attention and around-the-clock care. Instead of putting the chain back on, they gave me love, affection and my very own bed.

The next day, my new friends took me to get some tests. They said I had heartworm disease and a tumor. I overheard them saying that many places that take dogs like me in can’t afford the treatment for problems like these. Thankfully, they said that here at Animal Care, kind people like you donate money to help with that. I had the life-saving surgery I needed and my heartworms are being treated. Once I’m better I’ll be ready to find my forever family, and they’ll keep me healthy for life with heartworm prevention and regular visits to the vet.

Because of the Animal Care staff, volunteers and friends like you, I will never know hardship again. I look and feel like a new dog! Life is looking good and I can’t wait to see who my new family will be.

Maybe it will be you!

Love and Doggy Kisses,




Cody, Correspondent

Have a ‘Bad Dog?’ We can help!

Pet behavior problems are not uncommon. The language barrier alone is tough enough for pets and owners to overcome. But giving up is never the answer! My friends at Animal Care know you love your pets like family, and the last thing you want to do is say goodbye because your carpet is in jeopardy or a new baby is on the way. That’s why they’ve created the “Get Pet Help” section on, where they keep all kinds of tips and advice on how to get through tough situations with your pets. Sometimes you just need a little help from the experts to solve your problems. If you can’t find the help you need there, you can always contact the staff to help advise you. They’ll do whatever it takes to help keep pets and their owners together!

Cody CC-1


Piper, Correspondent

Let’s Talk Cats

I know, I know, it’s strange for a dog to be talking about cats. It’s usually not a canine’s favorite subject. But Animal Care is doing so much for cats these days that I just have to tell you about it. Since the launch of their Community Cats program in April, Animal Care has spayed and neutered more than 1,200 cats! It’s a FREE program for free roaming felines that anyone in Greenville County can take advantage of. Can you imagine how many fewer cats will be born in our community now that 1,200 won’t be reproducing? It’s the kind of thing a dog can appreciate, and I for one want everyone to know about this service. Learn more about how you can stop
cats from making babies at

Piper CC


Baxter, Correspondent

Fostering is Low Commitment, High Reward

Want to make a difference for animals without making the commitment of having a pet for life? Fostering is the perfect solution! Animal Care has many foster options. There’s something for everyone. Help a sick animal get better so it can have an easier time being adopted. Be an adoption ambassador and foster an animal until you find it a home. Foster a baby animal until it’s big enough to be adopted, or foster a healthy pet for a while to give it a break from shelter life. Fostering helps animals feel happy and loved so their true personality shines while also creating much needed space while Animal Care finds homes for the rest of us. Become a foster, save a life!

Baxter CC


Timber, Correspondent

Adopt a rescue. We will thank you forever.

So many dogs these days are pampered from the time they’re born. They never have to live out on the streets or wonder where their next meal is coming from. It’s really amazing to be fortunate enough to live that way. I’m happy for them. Some of us don’t get so lucky. Our parents didn’t get fixed and had an accidental litter. They couldn’t take care of us forever, so we had to fend for ourselves. We drank from storm drains and ponds, finding food where we could until we were caught and brought to Animal Care. They’re nice people here but it’s still not the loving home we crave. We know what it’s like not to have a home, and those of us who get adopted never forget it. We appreciate and love our people until the end of time. Give us a chance. Adopt a rescue dog. You won’t regret it, and neither will we.



Sport, Correspondent

The dog days of summer are here

There are dogs, dogs everywhere here at Animal Care! Summer is always a busy time at the shelter, and right now the dog kennels are filling up fast. Animal Care is making a call to anyone who can foster or adopt to step up to the plate. They’re trying to help Greenville County become a no-kill community. It’s already such an amazing place for humans to live. They want to make it that way for animals too. Fostering is low-commitment. You only need to keep a dog (healthy or under the weather, it’s up to you) for about 2 weeks while they work to free up space by finding homes for the other dogs in the shelter. They’ll provide the supplies, you provide the home and the care. If you’re able, go to Animal Care today and get a foster dog. We’re pretty cool!



Betsy, Correspondent

Pit Bulls can get fixed for free at Animal Care

I have a lot of friends. With so many dogs coming through the doors at Animal Care every day, it’s hard not to. If there’s one pattern I’ve noticed, it’s that the most common breed to walk through those doors are Pit Bulls. They all have different stories, but it always comes back to one core problem: their parents didn’t get spayed or neutered. That’s why I’m so excited that Animal Care is offering FREE spay/neuter for Pit Bulls and pit mixes! It even includes free vaccines to make sure the dogs who come in are going to be healthy and happy in the long run. If you know anyone who has a dog who’s at least part Pit Bull, please let them know about this special. It will mean less dogs like my friends will be homeless in Greenville County.



Blaze, Correspondent

Dogs Embrace Community Cats – You Should Too


Have you ever noticed how whenever you find one cat, there are always more lurking just around the corner? Word on the street is they’ve finally found a way to prevent those cats from multiplying. It’s called the Community Cats program at Animal Care. Now you can trap those cats you see in your neighborhood and take them to Animal Care to be fixed for free. That’s right – no more cat babies, meaning less cats to roam around causing me brief. It’s actually the only way that has been proven around the world to reduce cat overpopulation long-term. It even helps eliminate those unpleasant behaviors, like yowling and spraying, that unaltered cats tend to have. Please donate at to keep this program going!



Lilbit, Correspondent

Caution: Hot Pavement Hurts My Feet!

Have you ever walked outside barefoot on a hot summer day and done the hot pavement dance? It can get pretty toasty in the sun. While dogs have tougher paws than you humans do, they are still sensitive to the heat. Your dog’s paws could get burned just like mine if you aren’t paying attention to the pavement temperature when you take them for a walk. Make sure you know the “5 Second Rule” for keeping your pup’s paws safe: Place the back of your hand on the pavement. If you cannot hold it for 5 seconds, it’s too hot to walk your dog. Try waiting until it cools down or stay on the grass instead. It’s easy to forget when you’re wearing shoes and can’t feel the heat, but remember that us canines still can!


Bailey, Correspondent

Adopt, Don’t Shop – Unless It’s for Dog Toys

I’ve been staying at Animal Care for about a week now and every time they walk me through the lobby of the adoptions building, I go absolutely CRAZY! Want to know why? That’s where they have their retail pet store with dozens of glorious TOYS! Just thinking about it gets me excited. I sure hope whoever adopts me takes me straight to pick out a toy of my own. They have pretty much everything you could want for your new pet, including leashes, collars, crates, and hygiene items. The best part of all is that 100% of the proceeds go right back to animals like me who might need a little extra help while staying in the shelter. So come adopt me, Bailey, and please, please take me to Animal Care’s retail store!


Faulk, Correspondent

BREAKING NEWS: I’m Going to Summer Camp!

School is almost out and I for one am so excited for summer camp! I can’t wait to play with all the human kids while they learn about how to properly care for animals and help make this world a better place for us. There are so many cool camps to choose from at Animal Care. I don’t know how the humans decide! In one camp, the kids will learn all about what it’s like to be a veterinarian. Some of the other camps will teach kids different ways to help pets like me find forever homes through artwork and other advocacy techniques. I just love knowing that these kids are here because they love animals. The first day of camp can’t come soon enough! You can register your human kid for camp online at


Tooly, Correspondent

Rescue Pets Deserve Second Chances

Hey there, my name is Tooly. I ended up at Animal Care because my owner was sadly sent to hospice. Thanks to these nice people, I’m going to get a second chance. Situations like mine happen every day. People don’t always understand that rescue pets aren’t at the shelter because we weren’t good enough. We’re just the products of unfortunate circumstances, and a few mistakes made by humans. I hope you consider adopting a rescue pet from Animal Care. My friends and I are all hoping someone will see how loyal and loving we really are so that we can finally get the life we deserve in our forever homes. Stop by sometime and see for yourself! We love the company.


Cooper, Correspondent

Chasing Tails & Running Trails

My favorite day of the year is coming up. This Saturday, I’ll finally get to run in the Tails & Trails 5K Run/Walk to benefit Animal Care! Not only do I get to race the nature trails side by side with my dog friends and my humans, but all the money raised is going straight to help all my friends at Animal Care who need a little extra help. There’s also a fundraising competition this year so even more money will be raised to help animals. That means my buddy Faulk will get his heartworm treatment and the cost of my cat friend, Lulu’s spay surgery will be covered. I’m hoping my owner will win something in the raffle. Maybe then she’ll let me play at Conestee Dog Park after the race! See you at the finish line.



Hilary, Correspondent

Campaign for A Forever Home is Heating Up

As you know, the campaign trail has been pretty intense lately. I’m not talking about politics either. I try to avoid those topics. My passion is campaigning for a forever home, but the competition sure is tough! I love and respect so many of my opponents (I hate that term, because they’re all my friends), but they run a convincing campaign. They’re using tactics like puppy eyes that would make your heart melt, and slobbery kisses for each kid they meet. Well I can play that game too, and I assure you I’m going to win the campaign for a forever home very soon! Come meet me, Hilary, at Animal Care and pick me as your new best



Dancer, Correspondent

Breaking News: There’s Hope After Heartworm

A lot of people think that having heartworms is the end. Since April is Heartworm Awareness Month, I’m here to give you the facts. Although this disease is very serious and life-threatening, heartworms are treatable in most dogs. I’m so glad, because I’ve got something to admit. I’m heartworm positive. No one ever told me how important it was to take heartworm prevention every month. Did you know it’s only $4 – $6 per month to prevent this painful and frightening disease? Thankfully, the nice adoption counselors at Animal Care are raising money for my treatment (you can donate too). You can purchase heartworm prevention for your pets any time at Animal Care!



Duece, Correspondent

Celebrity Friends Find Homes

A lot of my friends have been on the fast track to fame lately, living the good life in plush mansions with two-legged butlers who feed them gourmet meals and take them on scenic walks. They have their own talent agents who scout out the perfect forever homes for them, and they don’t even have to use puppy dog eyes to try and get noticed! It’s all because of this new foster program called Adoption Ambassadors where people choose an animal to take home, and that’s where they stay until the perfect forever family is found. I’ve seen five of my friends get chosen so far, and they ALL found homes in no time! It has us all wondering: who will they pick next?



Holden, Correspondent

Breaking News: Spay & Neuter, Just Don’t Litter!
I came from a litter of 10. You could say I was an “accident.” My mom’s humans didn’t get around to getting her spayed in time, so when my siblings and I were born my family put an ad on Craigslist and most of us were given away. I didn’t get so lucky so I got taken to Animal Care. They accept any animal, you know. Anyway, I was finally adopted by a very nice family thanks to the folks at Animal Care helping me find my perfect match. But I have so many friends with similar stories who still need homes. So please, please spay and neuter your pets. There are plenty of us “accidents” who still need homes! This is your ruff reporter signing off.



Troy, Correspondent

Breaking News: Spring Break is for the Dogs


Spring Break is this week and every- one is getting excited about all this fun time off from school. I sure hope I get adopted so I have some new friends to keep company during the day! I really, REALLY love kids. I could play and snuggle with them all day long. The adoption counselors are always amazed at my calm and affectionate demeanor. They say I know just how to act around little ones. I’m also housetrained and crate trained, so I’m a pretty great guy to keep around. Please come meet me this week, or at the very least give me a belly rub. I love those so much. My friends and I are all only $35 to adopt at Animal Care. What a deal! This is your ruff reporter signing off.


Pat, Correspondent

Breaking News from Animal Care


Pat here reporting from Animal Care. It has been a month since the nice folks here took me in so I could stay safe while I wait patiently to find a forever home. They say I have heartworms, but I don’t let that get me down. It’s totally treatable and the staff here is determined to raise the money for my treatment. Then I can be cured and on my way to a care-free life full of play time with my dog friends and an active lifestyle with my person! If you know anyone who might be able to help by donating to the Second Chance Fund (that’s what they use to help dogs with special needs like me) please tell them to visit to donate. This is your ruff reporter signing off. // View my adoption profile here.


Acadia, Correspondent

Breaking News from Animal Care


I became best friends with two stand-up pups, Lulu and James, this week during my play group. I’m part of this new program at Animal Care called Playing for Life where we get to run and play in groups outside. It’s great fun, and since I get all my energy out I feel like I can act more like myself when potential adopters come to meet me. My new friend James got adopted this week. I hope I’m next! If you know anyone looking for a new best friend, let them know that I’m calm, friendly and I would make a great hiking partner! This is your ruff reporter signing off.

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