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Greenville Clothing Co. brings sense of place to apparel


Could a tee define a town? If it’s up to The Greenville Clothing Company it will. Three friends, Liz Brown, Willie Hunt and Mario Brown, joined forces to form a startup company with a narrow but lofty goal: to capture the spirit of living in Greenville on a shirt.

An initial plan to outsource quickly turned local when prototypes failed to impress. “Everything about Greenville is personable. It just made sense to design it here, print it here, package it ourselves, and reflect Greenville in that way,” says Liz.

Mario agrees. “We wanted high-quality materials with high-quality design. That’s what our town is known for, an intentionality of detail.”

The result is a trio of tees, cleverly designed and beautifully constructed, with a nod to its neighborhoods, gathering places, and easy vibe.

Super soft tri-blend ups this wardrobe staple with a premium drape and ductile feel. Out of the gate Greenville Clothing Co. sold 225 t-shirts in three designs, priced at $29.99 each. Orders arrive impeccably folded inside a new brown paper pizza box affixed with the #wearwelive logo tape.

“Much like how we design the shirts, we wanted the packaging to be equally dynamic,” says Willie. “It’s more than a tee tossed in a bag.”

New designs will celebrate what the team calls the craft of Greenville: its restaurant culture, trails and parks, and beloved neighborhoods. “It really is about wear we live,” says Willie. “Seeing people embrace the clothing means a lot to us, but it also means that they love their communities.”

The original three t-shirts will become staples for the young company; new designs will roll out seasonally along with tanks, hoodies, and zip-ups. Past customers get first dibs on new offerings, followed by a growing email list. “We are learning how to perfectly roll out a t-shirt,” says Liz who credits social media campaigns for helping them reach online consumers locally.

“Greenville Clothing Co. is about simple, clean, specific imagery that represents the spirit of Greenville,” says Mario, “a place that people are proud to call their hometown.”

Photography by Will Crooks

Meet the Makers

The Greenville Clothing Co. describes itself as a three-headed tripod, an apt description for the trio of partners. Liz, Mario, and Willie have been friends for years (and the two named Brown happen to be married).

Could they be more bright-eyed and adorable? We think not, but they also possess the hustle to launch a homegrown clothing company in their spare time.



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