Greenville County Schools does not plan to dismiss students early today because of the threat of tornados and severe thunderstorms.

Several school districts in the Upstate and Midlands have either canceled school or will dismiss students early.

“School facilities are constructed to strict standards and all have designated tornado sheltering areas. School facilities in most circumstances provide more safety than homes or other residential structures,” said Beth Brotherton, Greenville County Schools’ director of communications, in a press release.

Tornado warnings generally cover large areas, but there is no way of knowing precisely when, where, or if extreme severe weather will strike, Brotherton said.

If severe weather strikes during dismissal, students will shelter inside until the threat subsides, she said. Anyone on campus at the time will be allowed into the building until and unless conditions deteriorate to the point the front door cannot safely be manned. If severe weather strikes while students are on buses, the buses will proceed to an appropriate shelter and evacuate students as quickly as possible. All schools have weather radios. All buses have emergency radios.

Students who remain home today, or are dismissed early, due to the threat of severe weather will receive an excused absence upon receipt of a note from a parent or guardian stating weather as the reason for the absence.

Parents can sign up to receive alerts via twitter through a new account  created today @gcsalerts.

  1. The safety of our children are not their first priority. There are kids that walks to school and those that depend on public transportation. You say if their buss ride home because unsafe bus drivers has safety measures in place. What if they are in an area where there is no shelter or they can’t get to shelter. This is not a Decision that was thought out. What about those kids that lives in trailers and their parents had no transportation to get them out of school. They will be headed to a deal that trap. How will the district feel if there is tragedy because of there decisions?

  2. On Monday when I went to pick my son up we had to evacuate the car line, which I was thankful for, but the Elementary school’s plan was not what I expected when I got in the school. Students packed in a hallway, in two rows each sitting against a wall, but to my surprise there was another row of students sitting in front of the row of students sitting against the wall because they did not have enough wall space to securely put every student against…and the disappointing part was that the parents and bus drivers had no where to sit or go because there was not enough room…and this school was located in the Mauldin/Simpsonville/Fountain Inn area. Im praying for the workers that work late tonight such as custodians and extended day workers, because it is apparent that Greenville County does not care for these people or their families.

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