Comedian Krish Mohan is a social vigilante

Krish Mohan | Credit: Tara Arseven. Weddings & Portraits

Krish Mohan is not the kind of comedian to deliver one punch line after another. A self-described social vigilante, Mohan tackles issues that others steer clear of, hot-button topics like race, gun control, and homophobia.

And he does it all with a detached intellectualism that feels like a New Yorker cartoon come to life.

“Bringing up points and philosophy through comedy can be enlightening. Comedians like Bill Hicks, Carlin, Stewart Huff, and Lee Camp have helped me think differently about the way I approach these sorts of things. I think that’s what I’d like people to get out of the show. There’s a different way we can live our lives and find fulfillment,” Mohan says. “And there are some jokes in there.”

As an Indian-American who was born in Dubai, Mohan is sure to bring up immigration in his show.

“I don’t think people realize the efforts and lengths it takes to get into this country. Presenting it with humor and pointing at the absurdities of what we think is normal helps us talk about a serious topic,” Mohan says. “My point of view attempts to say there might be a better way to deal with the problem.”

Krish Mohan
March 30
9:30 p.m.
The Radio Room
2845 N. Pleasantburg Drive



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