Artisphere announces musical lineup

Smooth Hound Smith

Artisphere has always been a different festival from Fall for Greenville or Euphoria. FFG is a much broader-based event designed for more mainstream appeal when it comes to their food selections and musical lineup. Euphoria focuses on high-end culinary delights, so the music is almost an afterthought.

April B. and the Cool

But Artisphere, which kicks off on May 12, is about local and national fine art, and that lends a more cutting-edge, experimental vibe to the festival. That means that the musical lineup can be more adventurous than the typical Fall For Greenville slate of performers.

This year’s musical lineup has been released, and it includes over 30 bands, ranging in style from funk to rock to Dixieland jazz to acoustic folk, with many of the performers falling in-between genres. The full list can be seen at, but we’ve spotlighted some of the most interesting bands below.

April B. & The Cool Combining a garage-rock aesthetic with a dash of funk and some serious singer/songwriter intimacy, April Bennett’s combo is a stripped-down band that creates a lean, muscular backdrop for her tales of broken hearts and deceitful lovers.

Smooth Hound Smith A sinewy, smoky roadhouse blues duo that relies on slide-guitar, vocal harmonies and foot-percussion to create a full-band stomp.

Cardine, Sipe & Wright A group of Asheville jazz-rock standouts: master percussionist Jeff Sipe, multi-instrumentalist Cody Wright, and singer Billy Cardine. All three men have worked in multiple genres and this group could go in any direction.

Padenrich Station This folk duo wrote an entire album via email, trading music and lyrics back and forth and building the tracks bit by bit. Multi-instrumentalist Jamie Hill and singer, guitarist and occasional trumpet player Marie Wright create delicately woven, shimmering acoustic folk.

The Suffers One of the liveliest bands on this year’s schedule, The Suffers are a soul-rock revue that’s designed for dancing, mixing rock & R&B with passionate skill.



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