A Rich Tapestry

Mid-century salvage stewards Shindig Furnishings uncovered a treasure trove of finds in a shuttered Laurens Road wholesaler


When Shindig Furnishings owners Jackie Blackwell and Jeff and Joan Soladay got the call that MacShore Classics, a wholesale furnishings and fabric company on Laurens Road, had been sold to a national gas station chain, and ‘Would they like to consider salvaging some of the office furniture inside?’ the vintage store owners had no idea that it would take months to get inside the building. They had even less of an idea about what exactly might be found there.

But the time capsule they discovered behind MacShore’s doors was worth the wait; now the pieces purveyed promise to live on in the Greenville area and beyond for years to come thanks to Shindig’s commitment to reclaiming the past and preserving it for future generations.

Walnut arm chairs, desks with gorgeous caning detailing and brass pulls, and much more: “We feel fortunate to save, literally salvage, some exceptionally made desks and chairs, but we can’t help and pause to honor the past,” Blackwell says.

The third-generation, family-owned business employed “countless hard-working, blue collar employees,” she explains. So the quality-crafted building materials and the furniture within was worth saving, not just from an aesthetic perspective, but from an historical one, as well.

“It’s hard not to be nostalgic in the line of work we’re in: visiting estate sales, picking antique malls, people calling us to clean out houses of family members,” Blackwell says. “But this particular one was tough. Progress is not always pretty, but it does make us feel fortunate that we help preserve the past by restoring it and passing it on.”

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