Our World Fest is a drummer’s dream

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Despite differences in language, religion and customs, there is something that unites cultures throughout the world — rhythm.

It’s that commonality that the Our World Festival will celebrate Sunday March 26 at the Artistry, 12 Andrews St., Greenville. “It’s a multicultural event. The more people know about each other, the more they get along. That’s especially important in today’s environment,” said Jeff Holland, a percussionist and one of the organizers of the festival. 

The festival features a “percussion petting zoo” where people can see and touch a wide array of instruments, a workshop by Dave Holland from Interactive Rhythms, a drum circle, and the Greenville debut of GloboDrum.

“A drum circle is trying to find the best of each culture. There are no right or wrong rhythms. You just add to the energy,” Holland said.

Our World Festival

Sunday, March 26

3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The Artistry

Donations suggested



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  1. Thank you, Cindy! We really appreciate the support of the Greenville Journal. Wonderful talking to you again! It looks like we’re going to have a great turnout of friends, teachers, families, and kids of all ages. There’s something for everyone to explore their rhythm! Come celebrate with us!!!

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