Esso Club makes Southern Living’s best bars list

Credit: KudzuVine

The most-beloved magazine devoted to all things south of the Mason-Dixson line, Southern Living, has released the winners of its 2017 South’s Best Awards.

And while #yeahTHATGreenville isn’t anywhere on any of Southern Liv’s lists — not for the best city or best hotel or best restaurant — our Pickens County neighbor Clemson received an honor, a place on the South’s Best bars list — No. 6 to be more specific.

Of course, we’re talking about the Esso Club, a dive beloved by Tiger fans and Brent Musburger alike.

There’s not much to the Esso. It’s just an old gas station that’s been converted into a bare-bones bar that just happens to be a few stumbling steps from Death Valley. That’s pretty much it.

It’s that latter fact that has made it a Clemson institution as the Tiger faithful swamp the place on game day.

But while you’re sure to find a sizable stable of the student imbibers at the Esso on a Friday night or day drinking on Saturday, the just-turned-21 crowd is more apt to frequent downtown establishments like Tiger Town Tavern, TD’s, and Backstreets. They all have their own unique selling points, of course — because sometimes you’re just in the mood to go full-dive and hit up Sloan Street Taproom.

At press time, Southern Living had yet to announced which college won the best tailgate, but if the past is prologue, then Clemson’s sure to win again.

Speaking of a lack of surprises, Charleston cleaned housed in the South’s Best Awards, including landing the No. 1 slot for best city.



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