Parents of Greenville County Schools students can opt their children out of watching President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration in class on Friday.

Greenville County Schools Director of Communciation Beth Brotherton said in an email on Wednesday that the decision to watch inaugural events during the school day is an instructional one that should be tied to state standards and is made at the classroom and school level.

The district’s instructional policy allows parents the opportunity to opt their children out and receive an alternate assignment regarding presidential inaugurations, U.S. History or a similar topic.

A number of the district’s social studies and U.S. government teachers have made plans to watch Friday’s inauguration as part of their classroom instruction.

GCS is asking principals to work with teachers to finalize plans Wednesday so teachers can notify parents this afternoon or Thursday if they intend to view the inauguration. This will give parents time to determine their preference and, if so inclined send a written request to opt out.

The district had the same opt-out option for President Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009.

  1. Opt out??? Who in their right mind ( and I must stress ” right mind”) would ” Opt Out” of this historical event!! ANY inauguration is an historical event. By even offering up a a choice for parents brings the point that parents should question the importance of this! No other time in history would schools, teachers, administration…have questioned this. Too bad they powers that be feel the need to buckle to the societal pressure ( which really should be irrelevant!) and raise the doubt in the minds of the families …perpetuating the negativity that is prevalent in our society today! We need to learn how to work with what we’ve got!! Protesting is fine if you’re not on board …but after all is said and done…ACCEPT and MOVE ON!!! It’s been done by both parties for decades! Why is this so different? And because it is so different, means we should pay more attention as to why! This guy could kick butt! But too many influentials are ” boycotting!! Really??? They are no longer that Influential!!! Andi have a feeling they’re also in for a big surprise!!!

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