Snow Day 2017: What restaurants are open?

Ji-Roz is open today (From left to right: Fava and eggplant with olive tapenade; feta cheese and olives; and “Greek pimento cheese,” a spicy feta cheese dip with house-baked bread. Credit: Will Crooks.

If you’re anything like us, you stocked up on bread and milk like you’re supposed to. But now that the snow has come and gone — and you’ve had the chance to play in it a bit — you’re looking at that pantry full of bread and fridge stocked with milk and you’re going, “What the heck am I supposed to do with this?”

Don’t ask us. We don’t know either.

Still that doesn’t help you. What you need is something to eat and something to eat STAT. Here’s a list of the restaurants in downtown Greenville (and not quite downtown) we know are open today; consult it now before the hangries get the best of you:

Sulley’s Steamers

Ink N Ivy

Caviar and Bananas

Nose Dive



Community Tap

Grateful Brew

Lazy Goat

Soby’s (dinner only)

Willy Taco

Trappe Door

Sushi Murisaki

Sticky Fingers

Carolina Ale House

Grill Marks

Mellow Mushroom (until 6)

Spill the Beans

Wild Wing Cafe

Brick Street Cafe

Liberty Taproom

Mac’s Speed Shop

Handi Indian Cuisine

Chicora Alley



Rick Erwin’s Deli

Tupelo Honey

Luna Rosa

Universal Joint


Two Chefs

The Velo Fellow


Swamp Rabbit Cafe

Bacon Bros. Public House



Toss Pizza

Dive N Boar

NOTE: If you don’t see your restaurant on this list — and you’re open today — reach out to Greenville Journal editor Chris Haire at




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