Clemson fans get creative to score championship tickets

Credit: Zachary Hanby

When there are more Clemson fans looking for tickets to Monday’s National Championship game against Alabama on Tiger boards than those selling, buyers are trying different tactics in their attempts to score.

Some are turning nostalgic in an attempt to distinguish their pleadings from the rest. “Need 3 tickets to Natty. Already booked Airbnb and parking spot. My husband and I were both there in ’81 and want to be there again with our Clemson grad son to see Tigers win,” said one post on the ticket board on

“Need 1 ticket to the National Championship… Would love to carry on the family tradition of having somebody in the stands when the Tigers play for the Natty!” read another.

Others are trying to tug on the heartstrings of those who have too many tickets. “Two tickets to Paradise ‘Natty.’ Was deployed last year’s game,” one “Wanted” post said. Another Class of 1962 grad played the family card. “Wanting to sit near children & grandchildren,” said one post seeking one ticket. One post bemoaned getting only four tickets through IPTAY instead of the needed five. “Don’t want my son miss the game,” the ticket seeker wrote.

Others tried to play the “I don’t make much money” card. “Huge Tiger fan teachers looking for two tickets… $650 max for each (note the public school comment),” read one wanted ad. A Clemson alum who just had twins used the increased family size to try to nab tickets at close to face value. Another fan’s post acknowledged that tickets were going for more than face value but pleaded for tickets anyway. “I’m looking for anything reasonable. I am not made of money, but as a lifelong Tiger fan, I am almost desperate to be at this game,” the post said. So desperate that the poster would settle for one ticket instead of two and leave his companion at home.

Some ticket-seekers are proposing trades. Extra tickets to the championship game could be traded for tickets to the Masters (practice rounds, not the actual tournament) and even artwork, wedding coordination, koozies and program design. Clemson fans who have four extra tickets to the National Championship game could trade them for two tickets to all the Clemson home games in 2017. One fan, who said he was a regular at Nick’s and is a 2016 graduate, is offering a mid-game beer for those who have an extra ticket. Another trade offer has a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 20.

Others admit they missed the deadline to apply for tickets through IPTAY. Some think honesty is best and admit they have no sob story and just want to go to the game.

One dad of a Clemson senior says he’s driving his daughter and her three roommates so they get to Tampa safely. As long as he’s there, he wants to go to the game.

And, for those who say they’d trade their firstborn, one person will one-up that. “Will trade my family for one Natty ticket, wife has a good job, shift manager at Bojangles’ (she has put on a few holiday pounds), son is 14 and wants to go on the road with his band, daughter is 16 and dropped out of school to wipe blood in a tattoo parlor.” If he doesn’t get tickets, at least he has a sense of humor.



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