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A simple sidechair becomes a versatile room accent

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Written and Styled by Beth Ables / Photos by Jessica Barley

When redecorating and refreshing a room, a major shopping trip is not always necessary. Looking around your home to find new uses for simple items creates new interest and a starting point for seeing a space in a new way.

In this case, a dining chair: a simple item everyone has in their home can be transformed to work in a variety of uses. A workhorse of the household, chairs are not just used for seating but for stepping stools and book piles and coat hangers. But what if there was a new intended purpose for an extra chair?

Of course, a dining chair is first…a chair. In this case, a vintage carved wooden chair is transformed simply and quickly with a gold velvet upholstery refresh. Easily at home at the holiday table, its use doesn’t end there. In this way, a favorite piece need not sit vacant pushed under a table!

A simple chair makes an ideal end table or bedside table as well. Use attractive books and an adjustable lamp for height. A chair as a bedside table makes for an airy, minimal alternative to a heavier bulkier chest of drawers.

Using a chair as a plant stand is an excellent, simple alternative for storage and display. The rungs underneath store a rolled up throw blanket or a collection of magazines, while the plant can be elevated with a few books… and what seems almost too easy suddenly looks purposeful and chic. The right chair could even be mounted to the wall for a more dramatic and quirky look.

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