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For many, the transition from weigh in to workout is an intimidating commitment— not to mention that treadmills can be terrifying on a good day. But whether you’re a tness rst-timer or just mixing in a little variety to your routine, YMCA of Greenville has a message for you: start here.

“We rst like to understand what a person’s goals are. What are they trying to accomplish?” explains YMCA of Greenville president Scot Baddley. “Then, we help choose the best program to achieve those goals and stay engaged in overall health.”

With eight branches serving the Upstate, the YMCA offers a multipronged approach to wellness through its range of exercise classes, specialized health initiatives, and youth programs. These diverse opportunities, notes Greenville YMCA development specialist Jamie Inman, are what continue to make the Y a “bridge” within the community.

Exercise >> The Y understands busy schedules. And they understand that personal health is not a one-size- ts-all pair of yoga pants. With that in mind, the assorted schedule of group exercise classes are designed to both optimize your available time and target individual needs. Does sweat equal success? Then test drive Beast Mode, Boot Camp, Cycling, or Insanity for a high-cardio workout. If ellipticals and barbells aren’t for

you, classes in pilates barre, yoga, Zumba, kettlebells, ballet, and aqua aerobics offer alternative ways to tone up in a more non-traditional gym atmosphere. If you’re really feeling adventurous, there’s always the ancient Chinese martial art of T’ai chi.


Special Programs >>

Membership also provides access to programs that are exclusive to the Y family. Wellness Works is a free(!) program that pairs members with American College of Sports Medicine–certi ed coaches to assess your tness baseline, customize workout plans, and measure personal progress over a 12-week period. Its partner program, Wellness Works Rx–Parkinson’s offers specialized group classes and coaching that work at comprehensively improving quality of life for those affected by the disease. In collaboration with Greenville Health System and other medical institutions, the physician-referred Exercise Is Medicine promotes healthy living for individuals currently living with or at high risk for developing chronic diseases—i.e. diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia—by integrating physical activity into their speci c medical prescription.


Youth >>

What do kids have in common with an iPhone at 6 percent? They both need outlets. Fortunately, YMCA of Greenville’s youth programs ex to t an array of unique interests. Seasonal sports including ag football, baseball, cheerleading, lacrosse, soccer, and swim leagues are furnished throughout the year, and, in the summer, both day camps and overnight stays at YMCA Camp Greenville provide fun, educational environments to grow lifelong physical skills and social relationships. Leadership, team cooperation, and democratic participation are taught through programs like Youth in Government, while Teen Achievers connects more than 500 students in participating schools with volunteer mentors to map out a successful plan for reaching their full potential before and after graduation.

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