New craft beer brewery headed for Spartanburg County


A new craft beer brewery is expected to open in Spartanburg County in 2017.

Josh Dodson and Jonathan Duke said they have signed a lease for their concept New Groove Artisan Brewery. It will be in the 4,100-square-foot space at 4078 Highway 9 in Boiling Springs that previously housed a Tornados convenience store.

The owners said the brewery will have five fermentation vessels, seven serving tanks, up to 16 taps, a kitchen, bar and plenty of comfortable seating. They hope to be open in late spring or early summer.

“We’re very excited about it,” said Dodson, a transplant to Spartanburg from Steelville, Mo. “Boiling Springs is a growing area. We believe there is a lot of potential here.”

Dodson and Duke both began brewing beer at home as a hobby.

The two men met and became friends through the Spartanburg Brew Club.

Duke, a native of Carrolton, Ga., who previously taught percussion at Dorman High School, said he “got the bug” for making beer after he entered one of his brews in a contest and won.

Dodson recently sold his kitchen hood cleaning business Greasepro LLC in order to go full-time into brewing.

“[New Groove] is the name we chose because this is a hard right turn from what we were both doing before,” Duke said. “I think we were both feeling a little burned out. We wanted to do something different. This is a totally new direction.”

The owners said they looked a range of spaces for their brewery, but ultimately settled on the property next to the Boiling Springs Wal-Mart and across the street from the new Aldi grocery store.

The curved architecture of the building seems to fit the brewery’s groovy vibe.


Dodson and Duke have incorporated a picture of a drum into the brewery’s logo.

They said they hope to have as many varieties of beer available as possible, from sours to porters to pale ales.

Customers will be able to stop in and have a pint or fill up their growlers and “crowlers” (short for canned growler) on the go.

The owners said they hope to hire a few employees for the brewery, but said the market will determine how many.

They hope to have some outdoor seating and customers will be able to order beers at their table or at the bar.

Dodson and Duke said they have applied for their federal brewery license, which takes about 188 days to be approved, and will soon apply for the South Carolina permit.

CJ Patel, who owns New Groove’s building and the KC Mart next door, said he is pleased to have the brewery on board.

New Groove’s owners said they will offer samples of their beers prior to the brewery‘s opening at Spartanburg Brew Club meetings, which take place the first Wednesday of each month. The public is welcome at the meetings.

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