Popular Charleston pizzeria D’Allesandro’s opening on Mohawk Drive

Pizza Party for Life


In the annals of pizza history, there are few pizza restaurants that are so beloved that they earn their very own music video. Actually, we can’t think of more than one, Charleston’s D’Allesandro’s Pizza.

Founded back in 2006 by bicycle-lovin’ Philly natives Ben and Nick D’Allesandro in what was then the ramshackle neighborhood of Elliotborough, D’Allesandro’s Pizza quickly became one of peninsular Charleston’s most popular pizza parlors. image1

This was no small feat of course, given that the Holy City is home to a boatload of pizza joints, from college faves like Gilroy’s to regional chains like Mellow Mushroom and the once-mighty Lowcountry franchise Andolini’s.

But the bike-themed D’Al’s stood out, thanks to its offbeat pies. Like the Get Gnarly (olive oil, garlic, spinach, balsamic chicken, mozzarella, blue cheese crumbles), the Beetnick (olive oil and garlic base, mozzarella, goat cheese, bacon, golden beets, rosemary), Buffalo Chicken (olive oil, garlic, mozzarella, buffalo chicken, blue cheese crumbles) and the Chauncinator (a margherita plus double pepperoni, minus tomatoes). Each one is a winner. 

Now, the D’Allesandro brothers have partnered with John Petrich and his son Chad to open a second D’Allesandro’s Pizza at 19 Mohawk Drive in the new northpointe standard strip mall. The redevelopment is the former home of Shinola. Rallis Holdings is behind northpointe standard.

According to project developer Paula Rallis, D’Al’s will occupy a 1,500 square foot unit on the far left side of redevelopment. It is scheduled to open in the spring.

Paula says D’Al’s will be a neighborhood center, a possibility given the limited number of restaurants and retail in the immediate area. “We are kinda going for an industrial few. It won’t feel like new construction. We want it to feel like has been there a while,” she says. “It will have the same bicycle theme but with a little more family feel.”

That’s not to say families aren’t welcome at Charleston’s D’Al’s. You’ll find them there everyday. But make no mistake, the pizzeria has a special place in the hearts of the city’s young adults. Not only is there an easy-going, boho vibe to D’Allesandro’s, the joint employees are many of the Holy City’s musicians, from members of the about-to-break national Susto to Johnny Delaware’s The Artisanals and Brave Baby.

And then there is Crab Claw.

The stage name of Walker Trull, Crab Claw crafts goofy, Ween-esque ditties, including an ode to the Carolina Panther’s “Riverboat” Ron Rivera. But it’s his tribute to D’Al’s that stands out. Skip through the minute-plus intro and you’ll find a strangely catchy song about the pizzeria. 




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