Read the 786 responses to GVLtoday’s Downtown Greenville survey

Will Crooks

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Last week in GVLtoday, we discussed plans for the controversial development at 55 Camperdown, an office building on the bank of the Reedy River. Read more about that here.

The feedback was astounding. With 786 people voicing their opinions in the survey and over 500 comments, it’s apparent that this community has something special, no matter differing opinions on the future of downtown. And that is passion.

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We read and analyzed every response. Here’s what we learned: 

  • 30% believe the current growth rate in downtown Greenville is Just Right, while 63% believe the growth rate is moving too quickly and would like it to slow down or stop. Only 7% would like to see the growth rate increase.
  • 69% believe that the development along the Reedy River to the west of Main St. has been positive, with many even calling it the best part of downtown. 21% were neutral on the topic. (This area includes RiverPlace, The Peace Center, TD Stage, The Lazy Goat, Halls Chophouse, Embassy Suites, Flats at RiverPlace, etc.)
  • 57% support development along the Reedy River / Falls Park to the east of Main St. (This area is proposed to include office, retail, landscaped pedestrian walkways, Grand Bohemian hotel, etc.)
  • 46% believe that the current proposed development at 55 Camperdown should be moved far away from Falls Park, while 39% believe it should be moved to a more ideal location along Falls Park / Reedy River. Only 7% support the location as proposed, and 8% had other fun commentary to share with us.
  • 90% believe that downtown development has brought new businesses and increased the areas general prosperity.
  • 50% believe the city will properly manage future development in a responsible manner. 31% were neutral and only 20% disagreed.
  • 80% believe developers should foot the bill for all costs associated with new infrastructure including sewers, roads, street lights, etc.
  • Is downtown congested with too many people? It seems that we’re split with 39% believing it’s not congested, 24% neutral, and 37% believing we’re too congested.
  • The word is in on future development and we want more everything. This seems to challenge the 63% that want growth to slow down, but here’s the breakdown of the things we want:
    • Apartments/Condos – 40% support, 41% oppose
    • Office Buildings – 52% support, 21% oppose
    • Entertainment Venues – 84% support, 5% oppose
    • Retail/Shopping – 82% support, 5% oppose
    • Restaurants – 82% support, 6% oppose


Now for the fun part.

We asked the open-ended question. “What’s the one thing you would add, remove or change about downtown Greenville and why?”

The good, the bad, and the ugly…

Add: Parking, free parking, underground parking, signage, movie theater, music venue, cheaper apartments/condos, open/green spaces, bike lanes

Change: Traffic/transportation infrastructure, expand public transit/trolley, nothing, grow east and west of Main St., restrict or remove cars on Main St.

Remove: Apartments, Greenlink bus station, pollution in the Reedy River, County Square

We heard it all. Here it is, unedited and unchanged (all spelling, punctuation, etc. is unchanged by the GVLtoday team).

– Leave the parks alone and protect our river. Expand downtown development east and west of main, NOT along the river!
– We need a movie theatre.
– Add signage to include businesses in the West End. Sings on Main Street indicating that there are shops/restaurants/etc. down Augusta. (past mellow mushroom) Cocobella, Eggs Up Grill, warehouse theater, Eric Brown, Augusta 20, Amanda Henry’s popcorn, monkeys, Pink Bee, Smileys, funnelalishiis (however you spell that)
– Traffic
– I would remove the multitude of monsterous apartment buildings and the thousands of cars that the transient occupants will drive that will further clog our already over congested roads making getting across town a near impossibility.
– Need a solid music venue similar to orange peel. Also, an arthouse theater would be cool.
– Add a movie theater that shows independent/art/foreign films. None exists today and films draw people in who will patronize other businesses (e.g. eat at restaurants before film)
– Add more reasonably priced condos
– Limit height of buildings, provide more free parking
– Nothing
– expand the CBD and reclaim the Pettigru district for residential.
– Add more non-luxury housing. There are plenty of +$1500/month 1 bedroom apartments. Where are the towers full of $1200 2-3 bedroom apartments that young people and families can afford?
– More than just Main Street. It’d be nice to have that Main Street feel along the roads on either side
– Increase the number of open spaces and plazas.
– Too many high priced housing options is driving out the twenties and thirties demographic. These are the folks active in arts music and creating a youthful city feel.
– Addition of more parking structures
– Remove/relocate & develop the Greenlink bus parking lot (next to RR tracks) into a multi-fronted (different style storefronts consistent with west end) set back high-rise multi-use building including street front art studios. And the development of a plaza/park between Augusta & Main in the same area.
– The development is making the area too congested for our current infrastructure. Start building out or build UP (high-rise).
– add more pedestrian/biking areas…discourage car traffic through the downtown where possible
– A statue of Ryan Johnston that shoots Jack Daniels randomly at passersby
– Protected bicycle lanes
– More Condos, less apartments. We need investors downtown, not just renters but ease up on noise ordinance. If we want downtown to thrive then we need live music and that comes some noise. Need developers to allocate at least 10-20% to affordable housing. More bike lanes, side walks, cross walks, alternative transportation. Trolly access to Augusta road, wade Hampton areas
– Develop West End more! West End and Pendelton
– Greenville is reaching the tipping point. The European village model of Max Heller’ vision is quickly becoming Anytown, USA. Time for the politicians and developers to stop their raid on Greenville.
– I fear we are overloaded with condos/ apartments in the downtown area. I think it should have been approved in a more gradual basis.
– There are possibly too many construction sites at once and should be scheduled more spread out.
– The eyesore new concrete features at Plaza Bergamo. It reminds me of the forced, gray, dreary parks of Eastern Bloc Soviet Union. The grass space was so much better for families.
– “Traffic in and around downtown is a complete mess. Augusta road and church street cannot handle the traffic.
– I am all for development but our transport infrastructure is not keeping up. ”
– Growing to fast taking away from the charm of the city.
– Lack of parking
– Some of the older buildings on main are eyesores, like city tavern, or a few more smaller buildings sprinkled here and there. With so much happening in Greenville and all of the visitors flocking to it, these should have facelifts.
– add parking
– I wouldn’t add anything else to Falls Park, but I support the city growing outside and around it. I question the City of Greenville’s (and Greenville County as a whole) ability to keep up with the development and population increases. This city is growing at an incredibly fast rate and the infrastructure is struggling to keep up. I mean it is pretty easy to find a place to live around here, but try finding a new doctor for yourself/ family or a daycare to enroll your children in. The general wait time is anywhere between 6-14 months. Are people going to have to get on a wait list for childcare before they even get married?
– Add a movie theater.
– The parking and traffic patterns must be better managed as we continue to grow and develop. The new developments should consider underground parking. This would give more sufficient parking space, while only minimally impacting the beautification and landscape in the area. New development areas should be given more pedestrian consideration and limit, or remove, car and truck traffic from those areas. For example… park below Ann area and have a pedestrian only shopping, retail, entertainment zone.
– More free parking ramps close to Main Street to prevent congestion.
– More stable housing less apartments
– We need to retain the individuality and charm the area has. Developing too quickly can quickly make downtown more “impersonal.”
– Traffic has become horrendous
– More underground parking, and less surface or above-grade parking. It would help with aesthetics and development potential.
– Remove some brick from buildings. Too much brick. I want to see more diversity in design.
– Stop building so many damn apartments/condos
– I realize that it takes people living close by to make the restaurants and shops successful. The condos/apartments are going to be too expensive for a lot of people. Let’s see the ones currently being built fill up 80 plus percent before starting new ones.
– I am concerned about gentrification of some lower income neighborhoods. While gentrification is not bad as a whole, losing these neighborhoods with thier great people and communities, will ultimately lessen the vibrancy and progress that Greenville has made.
– Too many big nation chains have started to run out the small businesses.
– Too many ritzy condos, not enough affordable apartments.”
– Parking difficulties make it rare that we come downtown.
– Add a pedestrian friendly zone for retail and restaurant and entertainment only as a way to add to the community aesthetics
– “More green spaces. STOP building these ridiculous mix use buildings. Less car traffic and encourage more walking, biking or public transportation. There are so many restaurant choices downtown but most of them are way under par if Greenville wants to be a foodie town. More live music venues downtown (without building new buildings).
– #3 is a loaded question. You can’t lump office buildings and landscaped pedestrian walk ways into one question, they are completely different.”
– I strongly support new development and economic growth. However, it appears now to be occuring with little regard to parking, pedestrians, quality of life. Has become hassle to go now, i go less often despite more options.
– Better traffic flow.
– Keep the news building downtown.
– I would commission Charlie Pate to do a statue or Max Heller and Tommy Wyche looking over a plat of the Reedy development area….and put in this new park space. (you could add Bob Hughes and Barry Lynch to the statue if you wanted to)
– Bike lanes and bike parking.
– More affordable housing in downtown. What is there now is outrageous for working families.
– Traffic: congestion, lack of convenient parking, speeding in residential areas and the HORRIBLE access to Broad Street from McDaniel Avenue. Whoever came up with that brilliant idea should be forced to cross that street twice a day.
– “Use the empty buildings before building new ones.
– Make Main Street a no car street just pedestrians and bikes. ”
– More parking!!!
– The pollution to the Reedy river. I’d focus more efforts on cleaning it up. I’d also make main st pedestrian and have the city provide more free parking.
– Better flow of roads.
– So many of the new developments look the same. Important to keep mixed usage properties. Also important to make downtown bike friendly and walkable.
– New condos/apt buildings too often look cheap and underwhelming asthetically. If they are allowed to build, there needs to be a wow factor. More brick, stone, detail, height. These places must be higher-end or in 20 years they will be a deterent to growth, not a catalyst for it. Finally, less rental space–more residential space. I get wanting to attract young professinals but rent being “too” low could quickly turn the West end imto slum town in a few decades. The way nonone in the 80s would have believed malls would ever be less popular, these giant low-rise buildings, if not tasteful, may one day be an eyesore.
– Less apartments and offices, more restaurants and green space
– More parking
– the new buildings are so full of glass and cement, greenville is losing its small town feel
– New buildings along river should reflect mill history
– We must find a way to provide incentives for minority and small businesses to be able to afford rents downtown. 2) We have a moral responsibility to provide affordable housing in/near downtown as well as transportation to/from downtown to increase economic opportunity.
– Additional free parking for evenings and weekends
– Scale of buildings along Main Street
– A more diverse park. With activities for everyone
– Add more parking
– I would like to see more locally owned business and less national or regional restaurants and retail.
– To many questions.. Vague survey
– Need to move faster on developing an additional green space / park downtown with expansion of SRT. Twelve months from now the trail could be too overcrowded on any given weekend.
– Be a planner for the city.
– Restrict use of cars on certain days/hours.
– Improve parking without expanding the structural footprint
– It should be more pedestrian friendly
– Corruption
– Parking. Geeenvikle cannot keep growing without first addressing the issue of roads. We need a private/public joint venture to work together to improve and increase our roadways. Similar to Atlanta’s CID’s.
– need bike lanes
– Improved parking
– Paid parking. We never had it before why lease it to private companies now? I feel like overall the city has the same feel. My worry is that you will do too much. I love this city and what it’s become. The larger it gets the more attractive it becomes. The more attractive it becomes, the more people that move here. The more people that move here, the less Greenville it becomes. It worries me.
– Way too many condos/apartments being built simultaneously with no growth of transportation.
– Improve traffic flow.
– more convenient parking
– Sewers really need to be improved. Many are decades old….
– Tallest buildings
– The parking situation for folks who work downtown.
– The apartment/office/condo buildings which have no setbacks and will choke out the sun and choke traffic.
– Parking because there is not enough space. Maybe make part of Main St for pedestrians only.
– Add more parking near Reedy River / Falls park.
– Less condos.
– Add more Pokemon
– Too many new buildings that block natural light.
– More parking less apartment building taking up the skyline from resturants
– Remove traffic from main st., add in public rail system and encourage more walking and biking.
– Would not make any substantial change, but we should look to the future and avoid anything that might adversely change the character and qualities of Greenville that make it attractive. We need plenty of green space!
– Make the streets parallel to Main Street on either side more pedestrian friendly – to relieve congestion on Main Street and spread the success that’s been achieved so far.
– More budget friendly restaurants & housing; downtowns should represent the best of a city and it’s slowly moving towards just representing the 1%, making it not special at all.
– Encourage development along the streets that run parallel to Main St. (widen the development area).
– We need to have more workforce housing, we have too many upper market rate apartments and the traffic is getting much worse. We also need more strategic parking.
– Enough already. Stop running off the local bus inessential that revitalized downtown to begin with.
– Stop building a million apartment buildings that is taking away the quaintness of downtown
– Downtown is already so great I’d just like to keep it that way. If I had to say something, I’d like to see more for young kids. For adults I wish there were an actual craft brewery downtown. There is plenty of craft beer downtown but a brewery would be great.
– It’s too homogenous and discourages the diverse population of our city from participating
– Add more affordable housing near downtown.
– Improve public transportation.
– Clean up and improve wade hampton. Great location and existing infrastructure that could be utilized to expand town without making traffic congestion worse.
– Eliminate diagonal parking on main street. Increase the amount of pedestrian walkways. By no means increase the traffic on main street.
– Better building design. All new buildings will look like they were built within 5 years of each other. No layering of time periods.
– I would like all the condos and apartments to stop being built !
– Walkable main street and more free parking near downtown. This will help bring more foot traffic downtown without as much traffic (hopefully).
– Focus more on expanding the area by developing more towards the Kroc center area.
– Bike lines parallel to Main Street
– Eliminate paid parking in some fashion. West end parking is tought without paying $10. Levy charge in developers that will aggregate into enough to pay for a small, free parking structure on west end.
– More vegan/vegetarian options! 😀
– The New condo development downtown. It’s exploding, it’s uncomfortable the amount of apartments and condos they are building in the downtown vicinity. Developing a long Academy Street has become absolutely ridiculous. I would stop the development of so many apartments/condos
– Add: Crate and Barrel, H&M, West Elm, and other national retailers.
– More parking
– Downtown Greenville is great for foot traffic but moving anywhere by car on Main St blows goats. If the city wants to promote walking and less cars then give the cars somewhere to go (side streets) and for the love of God…WHERE IS THE PARKING!!!!????
– Free parking…everywhere.
– More parks and green spaces. Free transport up and down Main Street. More free parking.
– Add more live music venues.
– Too many living areas not enough entertainment and parking.
– More music halls
– Add more casual dining options and more entertainment options.
– Over the years Greenville has done a lot to attract a lot of new businesses as because of that a lot of new residents. However, with that increase we’re seeing an unsustainable market. The city currently has more vacancies than I’ve seen in the last 10 years and I feel a lot of that is due to increased rent and less diversity. As an architecture student I’ve observed poor city planning in the last couple years. The park was the biggest draw and now you want to compromise it with another unnecessary building where there are plenty of vacancies. That’s not even to mention the gentrification.
– Finish the church street / academy loop around the city and time lights to make it move quickly. Whenever possible use on/ off ramps like at Mcbee / church. Having a quickly flowing loop around the city will make the city work much better now and in the future.
– OneNext Building is atrocious architecture.
– I would add more good breakfast places like really good. Not eggs up grill the Waffle House of downtown
– More free parking
– Better architecture. Cookie cutter prefab buildings should not aloud. We need to set the bar higher to stay unique . Farther setbacks need to be in place from the river as well as downtown streets
– I support the growth of downtown Greenville, especially as it pertains to the outlying neighborhoods/areas (with respect to the current residence) but in the core of downtown, I think the biggest change needs to be pace. If we cover every square inch without cautious consideration, we will lose the charm and grace that has made our downtown what it is.
– Parking issues
– “The entire beauty of falls park, the Liberty Bridge, – and the waterfall are that it is surrounded by landscaping and nature. Trees. Any time I would bring friends home from college, they would be most impressed with tree-lined streets, how large our city was without having skyscrapers (I.e. Being able to see the sky.), and unique local places like Coffee Underground and Hot Dog King.
– A million people have taken pictures of the Falls from Liberty Bridge. Because it is a picture of 100% natural beauty. Can you imagine people taking pictures of a waterfall with a giant glass wall behind it? It’s just a large brown creek at that point. It would completely obscure the allure of Falls Park. This is my primary concern for filling out this questionnaire. Secondly, I would fix loan rates for any single family entrepreneurs or locals still working on Main Street- if any are actually left. The ‘local’ charm has been eroded. No local person can open a restaurant or shop on Main Street because it’s not affordable. Drake’s, Ayers Leather Shop, Pendleton Street Church, Blue Ridge Brewery, Restaurant O, Hot Dog King, and tons more have been kicked off Main due to hikes in rent. Where have the locals gone!?
– Every new restaurant and chain is either a national chain, Table 301 or Bottle Cap Group offshoot, or chain that you can find anywhere else. I’m 27, was born at Greenville Memorial, live in 29607, I am sad at the greedy direction Greenville is moving.
– The ‘modern’ new apartments have major vacancy. They will all be out of style in 10 years. Let’s build condos/apartments at the rate we are actually growing. Only foreign investors are making money off Greenville.
– No reason office buildings need to clog up Main Street and the Reedy. Greenville is a large city! The only motive for 55 Camperdown placement is greed and “”vibrancy”” of foreign investors, not my home city.”
– Parking.
– 1.Big playground 2.More destination art like the mirror art in chicago.
– The Riverplace area west of Main is too homogeneous, lacks the character seen elsewhere on Main. Not everything needs to be glass, metal & brick. Variety is life’s spice!
– More grocery options
– Much more parking
– Add more free parking!
– Traffic
– Preserve more Greenspace and trees.
– make Main Street one way. Use one lane to Build a light rail cable car system. Build more parking garages away from Main Street and encourage use of light rail.
– Left turns off Main Street. Backs the traffic up. Very easy to go around the block.
– More Bars and clubs for night life
– More trees, more open space.
– Small, local businesses are priced out of the market on Main st. Could be a good thing if side streets continue to develop.
– Remove the congestion and change the parking situation.
– Side streets need to become the focus of development and this needs to be a focus for the city in general. Main St. has become a long road with dozens of restaurants and boutiques. The city also needs to find a way to keep the local stores and smaller stores on main street as the rents continue to rise and push them out.
– We need a system of protected bike lanes
– Smart growth…better long term projects…not just make a buck
– City hall building. It’s an eyesore.
– The convention center needs to be downtown to support all of the hotels being built
– More park space in various neighborhoods, utilization of available space and empty buildings instead of building onto the landscape.
– It’s fine now don’t add any more condos and apartments , PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
– Add parking garages two blocks east and west of Main Street; specifically the west end. The majority of current parking garages seem to be congested in the same 4 block radius.
– We need to halt the continued development. There is inadequate planning for infrastructure to support the development. We need more public transportation and fewer cars.
– Focus on making more parks/paths to connect businesses so that we keep the Green in Greenville
– Add more parking near Falls Park so it’s easier to access the park and the stores/restaurants adjacent to it.
– development should not be so close to the river, it stand to interrupt what has made downtown what it is today.
– Would like the projects that are being built to fill up before we over saturate the market
– Destruction of tree areas. Use old building for construction for new buildings.
– I’m concerned that Greenville not become Nashville where every open space is filled with a high-rise building and traffic is a nightmare.
– More pedestrian friendly and FAR less car/truck traffic.
– I don’t think development eat of main on the Reedy is wise. Falls Park is a great attraction, don’t crowd it with new development. If anything, the park deserves additional space. East of Main, west of Liberty Bridge and the Bowater building should be left alone. Don’t ruin a good thing. Knox is right.
– A real public transportation system. Trains to suburbs so people could easily get in without driving. Without that, we need lots more parking for any additional development that is added.
– Better parking for the taxpayers!
– Too many apartments being built. hard finding parking
– Time the lights on Main Street so traffic moves faster
– Stop tearing down old buildings. We’ve nearly lost all our history.
– Add frequent free, easy shuttle service to main street venues. Parking now is too hard and too costly. We shop and eat in the outskirts where parking is easy and FREE.
– Stop making every new building the same trendy style that will soon look worn and dated
– I would add more parking.
– More parking available. More restaurants and entertainment options.
– Fewer apartment buildings. We seem to be saturated with them now and I don’t believe we need anymore.
– Better parking
– Additional parking to hold the increase in traffic. Most likely through additional parking garages built as part of other development projects.
– Add public transportation- is an explanation really necessary? Add a great music venue like The Orange Peel- our location between Charlotte & Atlanta; Asheville & Charleston is IDEAL. Why we don’t have a music venue downtown to be a stopping point for great bands is beyond me. I miss the Handlebar more & more! REMOVE- all these damn apartments! I feel like we aren’t thinking long term. 1)apartments don’t age well and if the management doesn’t keep them up our downtown is going to be surrounded by slums in 20 years 2) we need to build houses- not apartments. Why would people continue to pay $1,200+ to live in something they don’t own and aren’t creating equity in when they could spend an equal amount or even less than that on a house payment? Real Estate downtown is prime, and instead of helping young professionals and growing families prosper through home ownership these apartments are making large property management companies richer and making the above mentioned pay for it. I’m not interested in Greenville becoming like Buckhead in Atlanta. Are you?
– Improve north end of Main St. Offer incentives to attract favorable retailers/restaurants.
– We need more affordable parking in the South Main area. I think what happened to Pendleton Baptist Church was heartbreaking.
– More office space to balance out the new housing developments.
– To elaborate on #6 – you should make apartments separate from condos. Too many Apartments – strongly oppose, Condos – support.
– Greenville needs strict green space codes: if you remove a tree, you must add a tree. The developers are removing EVERY tree from a tract before they build; and replacing only a few.
– Too many apartment buildings everywhere. Leave we have built and many are unattractive . Hard to park.
– There’s a horrible smell at the swamp rabbit trail undearneath the church st bridge. Been like that for many years
– Consider the rate of development. So many hotels downtown in such a small city will eventually create a hole. Sooner or later growth will slow – it’s just the nature of prosperity.
– The Architectural type being utilized will be out dated in 10 yrs. I would prefer a more classic style.
– Better (more) parking for restaurants, shops.
– More affordable housing.
– Add more free parking.
– We need to limit further housing development, as there is so much going up already. Let’s focus on keeping our city green and maintain the charm that brings people here… including the gem of Greenville, Fall Park on the Reedy.
– Traffic control and parking is always an issue… maybe we consider Main Street (or portions of it ) as pedestrian only.??
– Add music venues. Greenville is lacking live music downtown. Stop adding tall buildings that block views, take away nature, and/or taking away locally owned shops.
– Need Small Music Venues.
– Widen sidewalk dining areas. More security even during the week.
– I am sincerely not trying to sound like a bitter Greenville-native grumpy pants, but here goes: Ask anyone who has moved here from traffic-riddled Atlanta. They will tell you we have “maybe ten years” before we are another Atlanta in terms of congestion. Additionally, try to drive ANYWHERE at 6pm on a weekday. Commuting times are up dramatically and it affects one’s quality of life. Can we maybe just throttle the growth a little bit?
– I would say parking, but that has gotten much better with the new garages
– City Hall and the Greenville County office buildings.
– I would love for a splash pad to be added to the falls park area for younger kids. I know one is planned for the new park on the west end, but it would be nice to have one in proper downtown. In Northern Virginia/DC they have them everywhere and its great.
– Plan something in the vacant lot near the wellness center and across from the Greenville County Court House. This space is an eye sore and an embarrassment to Greenville. Just putting in a park would be far far better than a boarded up empty lot. Thank you
– I would hope to change the way developers can come in and just buy out whatever they want without regard to the feel and importance of nature, and the city as a whole just so they can make a deal and leave rich.
– Car traffic through main street
– Protect historic spaces more aggressively, including natural green spaces and natural areas – even at the expense of slower development.
– Parking options have to keep pace, preferably at a low cost. If paying to park becomes too high, people won’t go downtown.
– More emphasis on the history of our city, through historical markers or interactive displays. Self-guided tour of downtown historical facts and places. Why? People love to visit downtown but may not know how we have evolved.
– Innovative transportation to specific key business areas and attractions
– The apartment complexes on Church Street and along 123 as they take away from the southern genteel feel of downtown Greenville. We don’t want to become another conjested city!!!
– Buildings are constructed too close to the roadways.
– more affordable living
– Add or leave more green space and parks for dog owners
– The architectural review board – they will approve almost anything. Most of the new larger buildings lack character. The Poinsett Hotel and the Liberty Building are still, by far, the most attractive buildings in downtown Greenville.
– I wish there were more material office tenants moving downtown. Some taller office buildings would be really cool for the skyline. Also, everything else seems to follow office development.
– “I would add in more free parking or have a parking garage specifically for events. I live in the condos attached to the river street garage and every time (almost every single night) an event is going on at the Peace center or downtown you have event parking. When my family comes to visit, they have to pay $6 instead of $2.50 every time and if they stay the night then they have to pay an additional $7 for the “”lost ticket”” because by the time they leave the gate is closed. It is not fair for the people who are not going to the events.
– Also, with all the development going on, there needs to be more parking spots available.
– We do not need more hotels. ”
– parking is always frustrating..not sure what the solution is..but would love to see more availability to park.
– Improve parking
– Add more free parking along Mainstreet with eco friendly lighting
– I would add more mass transportation (i.e. lightrail).
– The new architecture all looking the same.
– Parking
– A new team of experienced city planners who understand successful combination of increased apt/condos and traffic flow. We are getting choked.
– Making sure that the development is not only benefiting one group. Make sure that there are things like effective and affordable transportation, affordable housing and other things that allow lower socioeconomic households to enjoy and benefit from downtown as well.
– Slow down development and really look at what is being done from a long term perspective. How can the town support all the people, traffic, demands on water and services in the long term. I believe too much focus is on does it meet the current guidelines rather that what is the impact on the entire community and environment.
– Add public restrooms in Cleveland Park; add a few more cornerstone retail stores downtown (h&m, gap, banana republic); change trolley route so it travels off of Main Street (i.e., travel down Townes/ Spring Streets instead).
– Incorporating a mid-sized convention center to promote more conferences and events.
– Create city-sponsored shuttle transportation between downtown Greenville and GSP”
– Better pedestrian and mass transit links connecting to the Main St. spine.
– Concerned about over building of apartments-not sure who they are targeting to live there and if they have enough people in that demographic for the # of units going up.
– Unattractive tall buildings – think we need to keep our charm and make everything visually appealing.
– More accesssible parking
– Slow down development of condo s until infrastructure can catch up
– Stop tearing down old buildings that don’t need to be torn down. Before you know it, the history of the town will be gone.
– “We already have enough skyscrapers in town. We need to place a limit on height of the blgs.
– “one thing? Stop crowding in on our green spaces and open intersections. ….. Keep Greenville GREEN! ”
– I would remove Springwood Cemetary and public assistance housing in the CBD.
– The large building on the corner of Camperdown and S. Main, across from Spill the Beans and entrance to the park, presently under construction, is an eyesore. Who in the world gave permission for a 4+ story building to be built right on Main Street and drifting onto Camperdown. It towers over the other buildings there and looks so out of place with the rest of the area. It’s HUGE, it’s UGLY. I hate to say it but wonder if favors or money exchanged hands in order for something like this to happen. Anyway, what’s done is done and it’s a shame because it can’t be remedied now by removing the building or at the very least, scaling it down. I hope that those in charge of planning and development in downtown Greenville don’t repeat this mistake.
– Allow no solicitation on the streets. For anything. No religious brochure displays (frequently a rack is put out at One City Plaza and Main). Our visitors are frequently giving money to accomplished professional panhandlers. We need a way of making all visitors aware of places they should donate to instead of giving their donations to panhandlers. Miracle Hill, Triune Mercy Center, Salvation Army and others are where donations should be made and where those needing assistance should go.
– The vast majority of the architecture looks similarly BLAH….
– Our charm and the ability to see the sky walking anywhere downtown. We are in danger of losing the site line to the sky.
– We need free parking
– Stop new development. The “charm” of downtown was always that it was nice and accessible and different from any other downtown. Its becoming over developed, inaccessible, is losing its charm, and looks like any old urban area now.
– Too many new projects…..Let’s digest some before any more are undertaken!!! Slow down!!!!!
– Do something with the former Memorial Auditorium site.
– Take away all the new condos/ apartment being built! Downtown is waaayy too crowded, and traffic/congestion is awful because of it 🙁
– More parking.
– Add parking, remove some bike lanes in areas too narrow for vehicles and bikes
– Please do not remove any more “green” from Downtown Greenville. The are is quickly becoming over developed. I am also hearing this from all of our Greenville Friends.
– 98 East McBee. Not mixed use with no retail on main floor, it is recessed back from main st and does not encourage pedestrian movement.
– I’d expand downtown wider. More options than a simple walk up main street would be great!
– Too many condos. I’m afraid what this will look like for Greenville in 20-30 years.
– Haven’t been here that long, but it seems every spare space is being replaced by condos. Whereas Greenville back in time (25 years+) was a nice small and very “green” city, it is now becoming a city sprawl with the inner-city becoming more of a condo-city with rapidly increasing traffic, which is becoming worse with all of the increasing highway construction. I have been visiting family here in Greenville for over 25 years and realize the draw of retirees coming to Greenville, me being one of them. However, like most things, sometimes bigger is not necessarily better.
– Too many ugly condos and apartment buildings being constructed.
– Better traffic flow. More sidewalk space.
– I would add more office space to keep up with the supply of apartments. People that live downtown are going to want to work downtown.
– I would change the number of apartments and condos in downtown Greenville. They’re unreasonably priced for what you get and just add to more and more congestion, and more and more are popping up in the vicinity!
– I proud of downtown Greenville. I brag to all my friends and try to get them to come visit our great city.
– Demolish the Church St. Bridge, because there’s no use for it, it’s old and ugly. There should be a normal, ground-level street there instead.
– I think development policies should be scrutinized and revised to fit the current model of Greenville. Now that it is heavily developed and successful, more should be done to make sure projects fit the vision of the downtown plan and not over do it.
– We need more to do, not just more places to eat!!!
– Stop all the building. Way too crowded and it is loosing its appeal.
– Tear down hideous City Hall.
– Add MORE greenspace!
– Add more parking.
– Regulated rent for private business owners. Landlords will soon be pushing out the small town business owner to make room for chains or whomever can pay their ridiculous rent. The small local business owner is what really makes Greenville special. Lets help them!
– Who on earth is going to live in these $1200 studio luxury apartments? Have you seen salary numbers for Greenville? I moved here from Philly expecting cost of living to be better, and in order to not live in a dump or in a sketchy neighborhood, I’m paying only $200 less than I did in Philly. That’s ridiculous!
– Reduce the number of apts. and condos being built! It is too much! Where will all these people eat? park? The city is killing the golden goose. If they go forward with the proposed giant glass skyscraper by the Reedy River that will be the nail in the coffin. They’ve done such a good job developing a pleasant and appealing downtown over the last 10 years. But now it feels like money and unbridled growth are the norm. Citizens speak out in opposition and it falls on deaf ears. If I stand on the Liberty Bridge and behind the beautiful waterfall I see I huge, ugly, glass building that cuts out the sky and my site of downtown I will be so disappointed. Please, please, Mayor Knox, don’t destroy all the good you’ve done by ruining the view from Reedy Falls Park!
– The apt and condo building frenzy is ridiculous!!! To allow slapping up ugly concrete squares on EVERY green space and corner downtown is a sin!! Obviously, the infrastructure is not in place to support this. We do not have the public transportation in place either. Who is going to live in ALL of these places and where do they live now?? I feel like the city has sold its soul to the developers.
– Close off Main Street on the weekends. At least in certain areas. Make it really pedestrian friendly.
– Expand public transportation, pedestrian, and bike line options while restricting / discouraging automobile (or at least conventional gasoline-powered automobile) entry. An automobile-free downtown would relieve congestion and is better for public health. Expanding park-n-ride options with trolley or genuine streetcar support would make this more viable.
– Traffic is horrendous downtown. We need better road infrastructure and alternatives to Church Street during rush hour.
– Add a couple of more kid friendly areas (playground and green areas) closer to Main Street.
– Slow or stop the growth of residential and office that demand a huge amount of the available parking downtown.
– We need to be mindful of gentrification and only building businesses, condos, restaurants on the high end of cost. We need to retain the “something for everyone” approach towards public spaces.
– More parking
– Charge less for “lot” parking on non-high traffic evenings (a Tuesday night in gville sc should not automatically cost $5-10 to park legally!!!
– More free parking.
– nothing
– Yankee’s. Leave the Reedy alone, leave the entire park, there are other reasonable locations nearby. As Greenville is now, keep the small town small with its big city feel (for some), don’t over populate with more of the same and loose that feel.
– More development off Main Street
– Improve parking situation. My wife and I tried to have dinner recently at a downtown restaurant but couldn’t find convenient parking. So we drove to a suburban restaurant.
– More parking. Definitely more parking needed.
– I just think the city has to be VERY mindful about containing the growth overall. The charm of the city which is its roots both historically and today MUST be preserved. It is what makes Greenville so special. Also the overcrowding has to be top of mind. Quality of life is also of major importance and has been another shining star about Greenville. People come here because they want to quality of life of a small city. Don’t ruin that by over-developing. That would make my heart ache. I’ve lived all over the country and I know from experience the comparison. All of the above is why I have chosen Greenville for my permanent home after living all over for 20+ years. Please, please, please – preserve what makes Greenville so very special.
– We need to keep affordable housing around Downtown Greenville. Gentrification is happening at an alarming rate, and I’m afraid that people who’ve been here for generations as well as singles and families who aren’t making enough to cover the growing cost of living will be forced to leave because of the expensive housing popping up everywhere.
– parking
– Light rail or other mass transportation to the suburbs!!!!!
– Need more controlled growth. Downtown is rapidly getting congested with limited parking.
– “Bury all the electrical lines! Nicer sideways
– more walkable, like walking bridges and/or no driving on certain streets like Brown St. ”
– Parking must be included to match or outpace development.
– Make Main Street pedestrian only from North to Broad St
– Design of apts
– Free parking 🙂
– Greenville should value and preserve more of its historical buildning.
– Protected bike lines and legitimate pedestrian infrastructure.
– We need far more affordable housing options downtown!
– Stop “filling up the sky” with all the new construction – maybe a height maximum.
– Reasonable, affordable, long term housing and real mixed use development. Lots of non-yuppies would add to the culture
– More open plazas for retail, restaurants, entertainment. One Plaza and Noma Square are a good start, but we could use more.
– It would be great to have a trolly-type system from one end of east end of Main Street to the west end of downtown. People could hop on and hop off wherever was convenient for where they’re trying to get to. (This would mean no cars on Main Street) 🙂
– Perhaps add legislation to protect the river and falls at all costs, and require developers in the area to add green space with each new development.
– Parking is a pain!
– Stop making Greenville another Atlanta
– Add more lovely and nice sculptures and artwork!
– Please stop driving cars out of downtown: bicycle lanes, no parking, etc.
– More parking near Falls Park. It is ridiculous you have to walk a block or two for decent parking, especially when you have a disabled spouse
– Preservation and re-purposing of more historic structures
– New buildings built in the character of the historic buildings
– More affordable housing for those pushed out by current developmente”
– The current development had been such an asset to the town and community. Too much, however, I believe in the form of additional condos and apartments will cause congestion, and uncontrolled growth within the existing infrastructure.
– Nothing
– Better traffic flow on Main Street. It is by far the best way to travel through Greenville when showing off the city but no one has time to sit on Main Street for 20 minutes to go 0.5 miles.
– Our skyline has been changed and cluttered by too many new buildings. Future development should be carefully scrutinized
– more accessible parking that isn’t payed by cash.
– Ease up a little on development, it’s growing so fast and I’m concerned this beautiful city might fall behind.
– Keep building heights below 4 stories and make the design more historic.
– Parking is a problem! I would like to see a better parking solution. Also worried about the infrastructure of downtown… Sewer , Safety…etc
– Too many high rise apartments. Add aesthetic restrictions on building them; implement guidelines….like only one apartment development per two blocks or something like that.
– a few more free public parking garages
– Honestly, the buildings near falls park like wyche & whatever that other building are ugly. They should get rid of those completely, expand parking & put in more trees/greenery in that area.
– Growing too fast without regard to traffic and quality of life.
– less apartments, more opportunities to build tiny houses or normal sized houses on small plots of land.
– We need to see if the current housing projects fill up before allowing more to be developed. We’re losing our affordability and diversity. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE START DESIGNING INTERESTING BUILDINGS SO WE’RE NOT JUST LOOKING AT A BUNCH OF RED BRICK & GLASS? We are desperately in need of Frank Gehry-caliber designs to start mixing up our 100% boring and predictable aesthetic.
– Better public transportation. Main St a pedestrian path on the weekends. Wider sidewalks
– Too many big name stores. I don’t want to see Greenville’s Main Street turn into King Street in Charleston. On King Street most shops, restaurants and bars were locally owned but now all the stores are Banana Republic, Gap, Brooks Brothers, etc. I want to keep Greenville local but we can’t do that if the rents keep rising on Main Street, forcing out our locally owned shops and restaurants.
– It is becoming too congested, too expensive, too elitist.
– I wish we could let things just be for a while. Our downtown is great as it is and continues to receive recognition. I believe the corridors into downtown Greenville need some attention–Poinsett Highway linking Furman/TR to Greenville, Wade Hampton Blvd, and West Greenville are all areas that would benefit the community. Let’s wait and see if there really is a need for all of these condos and apartments that are being built day after day and make what we already have and the areas that lead into downtown wonderful too
– I would like to see more residential above existing retail on Main Street.
– Close a section of Main St. to vehicle traffic in favor of pedestrian traffic. A modern transportation system to and from downtown Greenville would be nice as well.
– Need a tall ( 35 story + – ) signature tower downtown
– The rental price and design of new apartments
– I am concerned that small businesses will not be able to afford leases in the newly developed areas of downtown.
– Restrict building heights to 3 stories.
– Add a mid-sized music venue. Stop adding sprawly apartments/condos that look like they’re just plopped down – integrate them better with the flow of the city.
– More grocery store choices close by.
– Downtown is being overdeveloped. If I wanted to live in Charlotte, I would. Downtown has lost its charming, small town feel. All of the development with no change whatsoever to infrastructure is absolutely ludicrous. All developers should be required to fund infrastructure enhancements to accommodate the additional load to our resources whether that be roads, parking garages, sidewalks, etc.
– “Provide free parking for residents of Greenville and let it not be an eye sore. It should be a short walking distance so we don’t carry packages far. It is difficult to find parking on Main Street and no one wants to pay every time they go downtown for an hour or two.
– My husband and I are newly retired to Greenville (Lofts at MillMill) having moved from.NYC. Downtown is not NY and should stop trying to be. It is alteady overbuilt and too congested-!-the reason we left NY, and it is priced like Manhattan except the food is awful.. We had no idea just how ambitious Greenville was/is. There is no charm like you find in other small downtowns in the Northeast. We’re here one year and actually dislike going downtown–one of the reasons we moved here!. What a mistake. Manhattan prices for with inferior products. Everything is salted, fried and overly seasoned. Yuck! !!! Ive seen enough Mexican food on every menu, and eaten pulled pork and ribs that taste awful pretty much everywhere. You need quality IAmerican, talian and Chinese restaurants. VARIETY. ‘. Don’t even.think of calling this a foodie destination!!!!!!! ”
– Main Street traffic and availability of free general parking.
– Personally I feel there is too much emphasis on developing downtown because of the attention it has been getting nationally. Yes, our downtown is beautiful, but to keep putting offices etc there just because people want to be able to say “I work in downtown Greenville” is going to quickly take away from its beauty. There are other areas in Greenville that could greatly benefit from updating and developing, but it’s not the trendy place to be. People are just trying to capitalize on the popularity of downtown and doing so will quickly ruin the appeal and enjoyment.
– More parking structures!!! (But not overtly visible.) Becoming next to impossible to find a parking spot during the weekend and evenings.
– It’s going pretty well for me.
– I would not allow buildings that are too tall or take up too much land and do not contain pedestrian friendly mixed use store fronts. Examples the apartments near the brown stones and the development at the first baptist church site or height of one building on main and washington (without a setback).
– I would close off main street to traffic in the main area and allow businesses to have more street business and walking traffic. Main street traffic is too congested to enjoy the beautiful area.
– I am neutral on most of #6 because I support the revitalization & renovation of existing buildings, not the building of new ones. I happily encourage new condos/offices/shopping, etc… in existing structures such as renovated mills. I am also concerned with the removal of trees/green spaces, blocking sunlight or creating wind tunnels and parking issues.
– We are from Santa Monica, CA where the development of a closed area for 6 blocks (The Promenade) brought terrific benefits to all residents. (Fountains, bistros, entertainers and casual walking areas). The key is all of it is FREE PARKING FOR 3 HOURS. The city needs to liberate the expensive parking garages and excessive rates to succeed in drawing people to downtown. Traffic is horrendous downtown. Most street parking is used by employees of the shops that line Main Street. I don’t blame them, the fees are excessive, the options non-existent. A permanent pedestrian mall from North St to the Falls Park Bridge would create terrific foot traffic for existing shops despite the misguided resistance from shop owners. Please don’t allow the river to be lined with attorney’s offices and other non-functioning, non-interactive empty and cold offices of the uber-wealthy.
– More development off Main Street is needed. Side streets need love too. DRB is weak on architectural oversight. Need much better design guidelines. Need much stronger residential landscape ordinance. Need tree canopy requirements for heritage neighborhoods.
– We need a good Dim Sum place or change on of the sushi places to sushi boats
– Stop development for now to assess what we’ve done. The market, for apartments, for retail, for restaurants cannot react rationally with the speed to which development has occurred in the last two years.
– Need more available parking that doesn’t cost so much
– Loud (motorcycles/loud) vehicles in downtown areas.
– traffic/parking
– I am becomming concerned that the development of so many multi-family dwellings may overwhelm the charm of downtown and create havoc as people begin to overpopulate the area. At this point, my only disappointment is with the destruction of the beautiful little church and its lovely, peaceful landscaped areas near the stadium for ANOTHER apartment complex
– For the most part I feel that downtown has been developed thoughtfully and well. In recent years I see more of a push to say yes to any kind of development regardless of its impact on parking, green spaces etc. our predecessors had a long term plan for our city. If there is a plan now, it doesn’t appear that it is in balance with the existing development
– The mass of aptartments & the removal of trees.
– Congestion. Traffic through downtown is too crowded. Suggest auto free area from Peace Center to North Street and North to College since North St can not be closed. A traffic loop would circulate one way on Broad, Spring, College and Richardson Sts.
– More green spaces, trees, etc.
– About five apartment/condo complexes. Most of the newer ones are just UGLY!
– I would add affordable housing options.
– brick roads
– not blocking line of sight of falls with buildings
– city should purchase sites around the falls and create more park space STOP developing around the immediate falls area
– Concerned about congestion, so slow down new construction projects.
– Build taller buildings! Like in a real city. We need a skyline. Also would love to see more modern contemporary architecture. Greenville is a fresh slate with no defining historical style to adhere to. Lets get creative.
– Less ugly apartment buildings – the new ones just look so terrible. We are losing our “small town” charm.
– more free parking
– Building owners should not be “grandfathered” allowing them not to conform to the current codes & aesthetic standards. City Tavern building is an eyesore.
– Make parking downtown free for Greenville residents all the time.
– Handicap Parking!
– Stop apartment construction and build town homes or condos
– More free visitor parking.
– build more parking garages/spaces
– Improve signage leading to public parking garages, especially entrances. Some areas downtown are cleaner than others, perhaps more visible garbage cans would help.
– I would love it if their was a resolution passed that promised to preserve all standing historic buildings in downtown. Also, Reedy River was the center of revitalization for Greenville and is now being ruined. We need to stop putting money above history and charm.
– The recent influx of low-budget construction being used on the majority of new apartment complexes.
– Limited parking and so much congestion-both cars and pedestrians
– More affordable housing. We are losing the diversity that makes the city more interesting by pushing out those that have lived here for generations.
– More parking and better transportation routes and modes.
– Trucks being allowed to unload on Main St. during business hours. It is instructive and intrusive and unsafe for vehicles and pedestrians.
– I’d stop hiring Russian architects from the 1970’s to design all the new buildings downtown.
– There are too many apartments going up
– Remove some of the apartment complexes. Planning dept lost their mind permitting all those units. Dread seeing how all those cars will impact downtown. Hopeful the bodies will walk everywhere and spend lots of money locally.
– There is nothing specific I would change, but I do want to see green spaces in Greenville preserved and growth closely managed to keep that quaint and accessible feel to downtown.
– The apartments across from the Kroc center. Way too many units.
– All the ugly “high rises” specifically city hall, BOA tower – hideous, and windstream.
– All of the nasty upscale fake restaurants that usually fall through after a couple years. Greenville caters to only upper class white people. You might as well come out and say, if you are poor and a minority STAY OUT of our city.
– “Parking is woeful!
– Bring a Waterpark downtown on the river. Make Greenville more of a vacation or Saturday funday destination for out of towners.”
– Work on the parking problem.
– The pushing out of the local retailer/merchant
– Design review board members must have been city resident for min 12 years before serving. They should acquire a first hand residential understanding of the character of OUR city before serving and modeling Gvlle after their former cities of residence.
– I think we are on the right track. I would like to make sure developers build with quality design and materials and not just trow up any low coast building because they own the property. Counting on the DRB here to keep a close eye on this.
– Keep the viewline from the Reedy River bridge as beautiful as it is today. Form a set of regulations to keep the ascetic mission of downtown consistent. An office space can be put anywhere, why risk ruining something (falls park viewpoints) awe inspiring that makes our city special?
– Too many high end condos. Makes downtown too expensive for residents who’ve loved their for generations.
– Increase the law enforcement presence, especially at night. There are groups of teens that congregate around the park.
– I would change the access and egress of 385/north st at church street by having the city buy the old memorial stadium site and add new lanes and perhaps tunnel under existing roads, allowing continuously moving traffic to merge into existing lanes. It used to take five (5) minutes to get from Augusta st to 385 or wade Hampton, but now it is closer to 15 due to the volume of traffic and lack of synchronization of the lights.
– Quicker transit from within East and West ends.
– Put the power lines underground along McBee Ave
– maintain open views of Reedy river and easy public access to it. Continue to support the Swamp Rabbit Trail and Community Parks as a part of the river development.
– I think we need to do something with the empty lot across from the Bon Secours wellness arena (Where the welcome to downtown greenville sign is). Make it a parking garage or office space or something instead of that nasty wooden fence and all the overgrowth that is there now. That is one of the first lots people see coming into downtown and one of the last lots they see before leaving via I-385. We also need to develop that plot of land by McBee Station on that side street that connects Broad Street to McBee. It’s an nasty looking over grown lot with just that paved concrete slab in the middle. It would be a nice location for a multi-use building due to the face it’s on a hill. The views would be spectacular.
– Remove parking on min st. It’s congested and only srves a few.
– I would like to make sure Greenville keeps our Downtown Charm and it does not get overdeveloped. Want to make sure the Falls park is open to the public and enough green space is left in the downtown area.
– Some affordable housing and more parking.
– More live music venues and a change in the noise ordinance to allow for a special music district such that live music could last later in certain areas
– “I think the area between Our baseball stadium & falls park is due for some attention – maybe even down Augusta too-
– More free parking”
– Add more safe parking
– Off limits to smoking. I hate to be walking down the street and walk past restaurants and the smoke smell is awful. Bad for people with respiratory problems
– More grocery stores downtown.
– Parking
– NOTHING! I love Greenville but I fear that the faster we grow the quicker we lose that Greenville feel that makes us so special. I’m from ATL… I came her to get away from the sprawl and traffic. If we are not careful we will be atlanta north or charlotte south.
– Let’s not make downtown so expensive and exclusive that it becomes a mini Beverly Hills. It was the attraction that brought us to Greenville.
– ” I would add a more cohesive design that represents the character of the reason why Greenville became so attractive to begin with I would remove the ability of city government annexing businesses that have been established and passed down from family to family for developers to make hundreds of millions of dollars. I feel maybe in the development there have been some really great things and there’s also been some of the compromises that have been kind of an eyesore and has diminished the character of downtown Greenville I do applaud mayor Knox white if he’s against the proposed additional site location for an office building For developers who haven’t even started on developing such an iconic location across from the peace Center Dislocation I think dramatically is so important to the look and feel of Greenville I would like to see if they screw this up first before we give them another multi million dollar deal
– Add more non specialty retail
– More retail shopping downtown.
– Parking
– I would change the gentrification of neighborhoods that rule out people of lower and middle income.
– We need parking to accommodate the influx of people visiting retail shops & restaurants. Preferably free parking.
– Continue to emphasize the importance of retaining as much green space as possible.
– More effort to expand the boundary east and west rather than north and south. I would also like to see a more balanced interest in other parts of the city namely Laurens Rd, & Pleasantburg Dr. We spend too much of the cities resources, money, labor simply focused on making our downtown a Southern Living cover story. The question becomes, who does that really benefit?
– Congestion!!
– Develop more upriver, but leave the falls area as unimpacted and pristine as possible.
– “Infrastructure needs to improve in Greenville County! Roads aren’t wide enough, missing many turn lanes, and you can’t have a freeway end in a city.
– I also think it’s time for the city and developers to work on adding restaurants, shopping and other infrastructure in Five Forks area. This area is hurting and affluent enough to support both downtown and Five Forks.”
– Slow the growth! Preserve more green space. We are “Green”ville afterall.
– Woodruff Road
– -Make our city more casual
– -Add a public square that is always pedestrian only.
– There are TOO many apartment buildings. If you’re going to build downtown, there should be condos that are reasonably priced. At this rate nobody will ever be able to buy a condo/house downtown because we only have apartments, or the only condos we have are outrageously priced for Greenville ( a city that was supposed to be affordable). The more expensive it is to pay rent or buy, the salaries need to be reflective of that…
– slow down the condo’s. they are popping up everywhere
– Reduce the amount of vacant store fronts. Either reduce the rent or at least clean them up, or decorate the windows to make them more appealing to potential renters. Vacant store fronts give a “run-down”, neglected look in an othermoset beautiful downtown.
– More affordable restaurants. Soby’s and Rick Erwin’s are nice, but there are scant casual options.
– Add: A network of clear, wide, safe dedicated bike / walking paths connecting large open spaces/ park areas; Remove: Segways
– Parking garages – shouldn’t be an afterthought. Should be considered and required with every new development and building downtown.
– More parking garages to provide more parking spaces.
– Nothing at all.
– Add more convenient parking for the Peace Center
– Greenville could be a major music entertainment hub, but we are lacking a couple key components. A 1000-2500 person venue with a real stage, bus and semi access and parking. A larger and newer Handlebar with the financial backing to pull in touring acts once or twice a month and pay local musicians weekly. With affordable alcohol and food available.
– Too much development near kroc
– parking
– Make Main Street from the old courthouse to Noma foot traffic only.
– More condos and fewer rentals
– I would have widened Main Street or added a center trolly
– Need more free parking.
– movie house
– More free public parking
– We have some really ugly buildings that could use a facelift (eg. the one that Spill the Beans is in, and a couple of low end drinking establishments like Sharkeys and City Tavern as well as the project-like apartment complex around the downtown Publix).
– I wish there were more music venues like 5th street in Austin TX
– Make Main Street a One-Way between College and Broad. Use River, Richardson, and Spring to move two way traffic downtown. This could alleviate congestion in this area of Main St.
– WiFi that can be used in parks
– Unless you have to go downtown for work and if you are local resident, you simply don’t go! Locals complain about traffic gridlocks and poor access to parking. I hear it equated to the Woodruff Road nightmare. Local government officials seem to approve anything developers want. Could it be for personal benefit? Stop the concentrated development! Enough is enough!
– Add a parking garage down in the West End. Many businesses are struggling to secure parking for their guests and it can hurt businesses.
– More trolleys
– One, and there are several, is the deliberate timing of the traffic lights to cause traffic to stop at each and every light no matter if you are driving the speed limit or not. Also traffic lights like the ones in front of the children’s museum and library staying red when no one is around. All this is causing massive pollution from idling engines waiting at lights. Adding another 5,000 to downtown as they are will make our city unlivable.
– SLOW down!
– I love the green space in downtown Greenville and the city has worked hard to make it Falls Park a jewel. Stop the building up of buildings – especially apartment buildings and condos.
– Limit apartment development.
– Build apts/condos and parking garages on the periphery of the downtown, instead of within downtown.
– The growth should move a couple of blocks off main. The new Erwin Penland complex is perfectly located. Need to keep the charm of main st
– An actual master plan, like Portland’s, that provides real guidelines with forethought into what is best not only for money, but quality of life
– Develop the west end more & remove the obscure shops no one goes to
– Make buildings smaller to fit in with the aesthetic. Frank Lloyd Wright style. Currently can’t see anything. Too congested.
– Would add more parking facilities. Parking has become a big issue in downtown Gvl and if not corrected will prevent people from coming downtown. Then all of the planning, building & investments will not be utilized to it’s fullest potential. I also think there are too many apartments being built in downtown with high rent when more affordable downtown housing is needed.
– I hate the building going up on S Main and Camperdown that is too tall and destroying views if the Falls Bridge. It should never have been allowed in the first place!
– slow the speed of development so it’s weel thought out and planned
– The congestion
– More parking
– All the new parking buildings and apartment complexes are designed in a way that change the hometown feel that Greenville has had. All for modern but too much of it looks tacky. The tall buildings block out natural light and blocks views.
– We need a music venue!!!
– Add a parking deck in the West End
– Too many condos, apts . Especially project across from Falls Park and Starbucks. The project was built on a postage stamp size empty corner. Obstructs view
– We are overdeveloped for residential
– Stop tearing down old buildings to build apartments. Downtown is losing its character.
– better parking
– Add more vertical parking.
– I wouldn’t change anything specifically. I just think the city needs to be cautious and consider the congestion implications of projects, which I feel they haven’t done the best job of in my opinion.
– “I would ban smoking in public. You’re walking downtown enjoying a beautiful day with your family and next thing you know you are assaulted with a horrific cloud of cigarette smoke…definitely a moment ruined.
– Please don’t over build in the downtown area where it will take away from our small town feel of Greenville!
– Some of the building architectural designs are starting to look bleak – too many of the same look, not reaching into the historic looks. Feel we will look back and say “doh” that wasn’t our best.
– City Hall and Greenville News buildings – eyesores!
– Encourage more single family housing. I’d like to see smaller, more affordable homes. Give monetary incentives and tax credits to those who build single family homes, to encourage less density. I’d also like to see safe, dedicated, bike only lanes, not ones in our streets, but ones like the Swamp Rabbit Trail, that no vehicles are permitted on. I’d love for them to remain flat, and to run all around and thru downtown Greenville somehow.
– More affordable eating options would be great.
– Parking –
– I would expand out and not make the main st area so congested. I have live here sine 77. It is a nice area and well developed. But too congested. I do miss Belks being downtown. Very Glad that Rush Wilson is still here. Hate that traditional stores are leaving. I loved being able to casually walk down main. Now we have too many people to enjoy. If we expand out more we will have more room.
– Size of parking spaces in the aloft parking deck. I hope this is not a new trend!
– More parking in west end.
– We need a grocery/market within in walking distance for all the condos/apartments.
– There need to be better building standards, especially for apartments and condos. We seem to be in a race to see how many butt ugly condo buildings we can cram into downtown Greenville.
– More parking solutions
– Additional parking on the West End. Merchants are being choked. Much needed Parking Garage.
– Better parking is needed
– took hard to find parking – prime reason not to go there
– perfect the way it is now. We do need to curtail or stop the building.
– More pedestrian friendly
– We love it
– I would remove the bus station and the Greenville summit. These two places need gone. Also the apartments/condos are being over built at an alarming rate.
– More street parking
– The walkable feel is starting to degrade by allowing too much height directly on the sidewalk. Project One is extremely imposing.
– I would develop the North End of Main to make more room for more downtown fun. As we attract more people, we must have more spaces and places to keep the feel of our current downtown.
– The area East of Falls Park is a natural next place for development.
– Remove all parking on Main St. much like the Hauptstrasse in Heidelberg, Germany, and have remote parking so that the entire Main St. will be pedestrian only
– The generic condo building on the comer of Spring and McBee. (Former Peacock Hotel site)
– All the luxury condos popping up. I wish they would put in some that I could afford. Also parking can be rough sometimes.
– Developers should be given incentives to restore and use existing structures before building new structures on our green space
– Parking garages are a pain, add excessive time to trips downtown and are confusing to navigate.
– More parking
– Clean up water quality of Reedy River
– County square needs to go elsewhere.
– Parking is an issue. I went down for dinner last night but could not find parking without it costing.
– I think that the development so far is satisfactory, however I think that this is the time to reassess the progress to see whether there are developed spaces that still need to prove their occupancy before building more.
– New zoning laws to promote sensible development and responsible growth in the heart of the city
– Some of the new buildings that are more stark looking and don’t fit in with the original architecture of the city. Some modern looking places have been well done aka The One Building, but some like Embassy Suites look so bland and stark.
– I would not allow so many large new buildings, Main Street has changed significantly with the addition of many new buildings that do not aesthetically fit in size, design or material wise, changing the fell of downtown from quaint-small town to a much more corporate business like feel. It no longer maintains the charm that initially the downtown revitalization comiteee worked hard to maintain.
– Remain with classic design that will last for generations to come. Modern design is cool but only for a short time. Use modern design in the smaller structures where it can be remodeled more easily in the future. Please, no more modern design on large structures in downtown.
– Also, please stop blocking view of churches and steeples in downtown Greenville. These are the hallmarks and foundations of Greenville. Many of these lands were given by Vardry McBee and should be honored as such with clear view and honor to God. We would never prosper as we have without God. ”
– Add parking. Protect the parks. Add an art cinema.
– Better parking, but it’s so much better than it used to be. With so much development, however, this will continue to be a challenge.
– Traffic. Love the growth. Hate the traffic.
– stop the amount of new hotels
– I love downtown – which is why i am scared of it continuing to grow at this rate. I think there still needs to be more green space incorporated into the designs – keep greenville green and not concrete.Every plan i see starts with that idea, and then it turns into a parking lot. Perhaps developers should have to include a certain amount of green space
– Move project away from falls city needs more play room in this location
– More parking.
– They are developing too fast. There are too many apartments downtown with not enough infrastructure to support them and their rates are too high.there’s also not enough parking
– develop the office buildings away from main street… keep that for pedestrians, shopping , dining, etc
– Number of apartments being built
– Reduce the number of huge apartment complexes going up.
– The conformity of all the buildings that have been build over past three years. They are all brick with new windows and a architectural glass element. There needs to be more diversity in design so it does not end up looking like a university campus.
– Lets add those pedal bike bars that you can ride around downtown, and how about a New England style deli for lunch.

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