Michelin North America teams up with Clemson, USC to find sustainability solutions


Greenville-based Michelin North America has announced it has teamed up with Clemson University and the University of South Carolina to create a course that focuses on sustainability within the tire industry.

The courses will launch in January, officially kicking off the “One SC to Sustain” initiative.

Students will visit tire manufacturing facilities, meet professionals in the industry and hear from guest speakers throughout the semester.

Michelin announced the initiative on Friday, Nov. 18, during a ceremony at its North American headquarters.

The company said the initiative will provide students with unique opportunities to work across disciplines and recommend improvements for the tire industry.

“As the global demand for transportation rises, Michelin is committed to making mobility cleaner, safer and more affordable,” said Michael Fanning, director of sustainable development for Michelin North America, in a statement. “Sustainable mobility is not only our corporate mission; it is part of our everyday operations and culture. This collaboration with Clemson and USC is an extension of our efforts to produce tires more sustainably.”


Clemson’s Gregory Mocko (left) and USC’s Paul Ziehl will collaborate on teaching the class.

Michelin said Gregory Mocko, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, will teach the first section of the class at Clemson, while Paul Ziehl, professor of civil and environmental engineering, will teach the class at USC.

The inaugural class will include 31 students.

“This is a great opportunity for students to get real-world experience in a highly relevant field,” Mocko said in a statement. “South Carolina is the No. 1 state for tire manufacturing. We see this as a fertile ground for innovation that could make the whole tire industry more sustainable. Michelin brought together the two universities to work on this issue, which speaks volumes about its potential and importance in the tire industry.”

“This class will bring students from different majors together to more closely represent an actual working environment,” Ziehl said in a statement. “All students will benefit greatly from partnering with Michelin to address these important, real-life issues.”

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