“Premature Criticism”

Letter to the Editor


After reading Jason Zacher’s Oct. 24 Greenville Journal column, “Proposed Greenville County sign ordinance creates burdensome regulations,” and as a member of the sign committee charged with rewriting the Greenville County Sign Ordinance, I believe a response is warranted.

I find Mr. Zacher’s statements and accounts a bit disingenuous and his criticism of the committee’s work to be very premature; reacting to a working draft of the ordinance that has yet to be endorsed by the committee makes me question his motives. The committee and county staff are still hard at work developing its final recommendations.

The committee was appointed by County Council to address a need in our community. You don’t have to look too hard to find areas of our county that are plastered with signs, banners, streamers, wind feathers, mobile signs, balloons, inflatable men and the like that often cause confusion and safety issues to the motoring public.

The sign committee’s main goals are to address two important areas of concern: First, create a balanced business-friendly sign regulation that is effective in minimizing the visual sign clutter that plagues many of our area roads. Second, develop a regulation that is simple to understand, administer and enforce with the current level of resources available at the County.

The process established for this ordinance update is inclusive and open, and the committee’s final recommendations will be presented to the Board of Zoning Appeals, Planning Commission and County Council for their feedback and consideration. I would respectfully request that Mr. Zacher withhold his judgment until the committee has completed its work. I have no doubt that the established process, guided by county staff, will work as designed and all issues, real or perceived, will be addressed prior to the committee’s final recommendations, and certainly prior to consideration and adoption by County Council.

The goals are to treat every business fairly, and at the same time maintain Greenville County’s image as a pleasant community with signage that meets advertising needs and safety requirements without negative appearance. Many other communities do it, including cities in Greenville County.

Mr. Zacher’s premature criticism is obviously a preemptive strike aimed at discrediting the committee and the hard work of committee members and citizens of this county that have dedicated their time to this worthy project.

David A. Stevenson,
Member, Greenville County Sign Ordnance Committee



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