The perfect beer and wine pairings for your stash of sweets

The halloweekend is upon us. And to celebrate, I consulted two in-house Community Tap experts Chad Musick, wine aficionado, and this year’s Battle of the Beer’s winner, Chris Phillips to find the perfect pairings to accentuate your mini-sized confectionery. Whether you’re attending a Halloween party, expecting to swipe from your kid’s stash, or simply not wanting to ditch your surplus sweets, these beer and wine pairings will add some swankiness to your candy consumption.


Candy Corn

Wine: Mar de Viñas Albariño, a white wine described by Musick as “crisp, fruity, but dry,” and “just a little grassy.”

“A perfect counter-point to the sweetness of candy corn,” Musick selected this “bright, acidic” wine to cut through the sugary, syrupy nature of candy corn.

Beer: Six Point’s Double IPA, Resin, a hoppy beer that Phillips selected “to offset the overwhelming sweetness of candy corn.”

“In this case,” Phillips says, “the bitterness of the hops will balance out the sweetness without overwhelming your palette.”



Wine: Domaine Pral Beaujolais Cuvee Terroir, a wine that Musick characterizes as “light, but elegant” and “fruity with a little earth” like “strawberries on a summer evening.” Musick selected this light red wine because it does not impede on the “dominant,” “competing” flavors of the chocolate, peanuts, and caramel in a Snickers bar.

Beer: Founders Porter, a beer that Philips illustrates as “dark and roasty.” According to Phillips, the simplicity of this porter “allows you to fully enjoy all of the best parts of the Snickers.”


Wine: Montefresco Prosecco. “Bubbles, definitely,” Musick says. “I would drop a handful of Nerds into a wine glass, pour an inexpensive sparkling white on top of them, then let the fruity flavor of the candy infuse the wine.”

Beer: Thomas Creek and Birds Fly South American Fruit Sours, available in four different fruit flavors. Phillips selected these collaboration fruit sours to “complement and accompany” the mixture of “tart and fruity” flavors found in Nerds.

Hershey’s Kisses

Wine: Pessimist Red from Paso Robles, “a rich blend of mostly Syrah and Zinfandel” states Musick. Because “Hershey’s chocolate is sour,” Musick suggests this “juicy, luscious red to overcome the candy’s tartness.”

Beer: New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk, a bourbon-barrel aged Imperial Stout, which also comes in special reserve flavors, such as Vanilla Chai. Phillips chose this “boozy” imperial stout because of its ability to “stand up to the big flavor” of the rich, slightly sour Hershey’s Kiss.


Wine: Hirsch Grüner Veltliner, a “dry, clean” white from Austria that Musick selected to imitate the “classic pairing” of “tart fruit with white wine.”

He describes this wine as “not too acidic,” therefore not competing with the candy, as well as “not heavy or overly fruity either.” He goes further to suggest enjoying warm brie and Swamp Rabbit Cafe’s Stecca bread toasted alongside your pairing.

Beer: Revelry’s Gullah Cream Ale, a “simple,” yet “flavorful” beer that Phillips expresses as allowing all of the flavor in Starbursts to “shine through, despite which kind you happen to be eating.”

Head to The Community Tap to find these beers and wines to take to this weekend’s party or to enjoy with your surplus sweets at home. Trying to avoid any clowns this Halloweekend? Bring your candy and enjoy a drink at the bar or on their patio. With their friendly staff and expansive beer and wine tap list, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for. Happy Halloween and Cheers!

The Community Tap

Address: 217 Wade Hampton Blvd, Greenville, SC, 29609

Phone: (864) 631-2525

Hours: Monday through Friday 11:00 am-9:00 pm, Sunday 1:00 pm-7:00 pm

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