Clear Cut


clearcutnov16article1DRINK TO THAT:

(Left to right)

Schott titanium Burgundy glass, $16

Schott titanium Riesling glass, $14

Schott titanium Champagne flute, $14.

All by Fortessa, from The Cook’s Station

Gatsby Champagne flute, 4 for $80.

From We Took to the Woods


clearcutnov16featureGAMAY THAT WINE:

(Left to right)

Icy pine balloon glass, 4 for $94

Diamond Bordeaux glass, 4 for $80

All from We Took to the Woods

Schott titanium tumbler, $11

Schott titanium Beaujolais glass, $14

All by Fortessa, from The Cook’s Station

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