Award-winning funnel cakes, pretzel braids wrapped in bacon, fried Oreos, fried Kool-Aid balls and something called a “Corn Cat” are among the classic fairground foods being served up at Fall for Greenville this year.

Yes, it’s about time to put on the fat pants on and eat your way from one end of Main Street to the other. Fall for Greenville opens Thursday, Oct. 13 for its four-day run. And while there will be plenty of concerts, carnival rides and beer to enjoy, there will also be fried, decadent foods for your taste buds.

Of course, there will be healthier options. But those foods won’t cause you to stare with a gaze of gluttony. That’s a job for funnel cakes and other fair foods seeping with greasy deliciousness.

“When we decide who to allow, we’re looking for diversity. The lighter foods provide diversity and options for kids,” said Kristina Murphy, chair of Fall for Greenville’s Food Committee. “We’ll typically vote people out for being plain Jane when it comes to fair foods. A lot of the selected restaurants are doing a twist on typical menu items.”

Downtown Greenville’s Aloft Hotel plans to debut at Fall for Greenville with a bacon pretzel braid with beer cheese. The hotel restaurant – Re:fuel – spent about two weeks creating the pretzel braid. It could become a festival favorite.

“Festivalgoers are looking for unique culinary experiences – an opportunity to try things they don’t get to eat every day,” said Aloft General Manager Jordan Brashier. “This is the perfect food item when you really want to treat yourself to something delicious that you might not allow yourself to eat on a regular basis. Everyone loves a cheat day.”

Festival favorite Coffee Underground is returning to Fall for Greenville. The downtown coffee shop and bakery offers a funnel cake that features maple frosting and bacon bits. The creation is so impressive that it won the 2015 U.S. Foods Silver Spoon, which is awarded to the best entree at Fall for Greenville.

Coffee Underground, which has been part of Fall for Greenville since 1995, usually sells more than 1,000 maple bacon funnel cakes at the festival each year, according to owner Dana Lowie. “Instead of using that typical chocolate drizzle, we decided to just evolve the recipe and go with bacon. Because who doesn’t love bacon?”

Other fairground fares will come from Funnel Delicious, the masters of deep-fried foods. Funnel Delicious will be cooking up fried Oreos, fried cookie dough and fried Kool-Aid balls. But the most enticing menu item is the festival funnel cake, which includes access to a toppings bar of gummy worms, fruits, powdered sugar, chocolate chips and more.

The Highway 301 food truck is introducing one of the more unique fair foods – a “Corn Cat.” The fried creation features farm raised catfish dipped in a Jalapeno cheddar corn batter. And yes, it’s on a stick. So for all intents and purposes, it’s a catfish corndog.

Festivalgoers will also have their choice of cavity inducing sweets.

Gigi’s Cupcakes plans to offer stuffed chocolate chip and toffee cookies, strawberry and cream cupcakes and gluten-free triple chocolate and torte cupcakes. But the item that could cause some serious sugar comas is the Oreo buttercream-frosting shot, which features a cup of frosting topped with an Oreo cookie.

Chocolate Moose will also be offering various cupcakes, including red velvet, caramel chocolate and pumpkin. The downtown bakery will also be offering a brown butter chocolate chip cookie and more.

For those who want something a little colder but just as sweet, Sidewall Pizza will be offering ice cream sandwiches with various flavors, including s’mores, fresh mint, chocolate peanut butter and chocolate chip.

The restaurants will go head-to-head this year as professional chefs and food critics judge their desserts. The best dessert menu item will be awarded the U.S. Foods Sugary Spoon, which was added to Fall for Greenville this year.

“Some of the restaurants are just serving desserts. So we really wanted to give those restaurants the opportunity to participate. This award also makes it a little more competitive, which is going to be great for the festival,” said Murphy.


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