All about the experience: Iron Tribe Fitness expands

A gym focused on people, not numbers


There is a reason why Iron Tribe Fitness has grown from one location in Birmingham to over 45 locations nationwide, the latest being a 1601 Woodruff Road. The high-intensity training gym, locally lead by Rob Jackman follows Greenville’s first Iron Tribe gym, at 2227 Augusta Street

“Coming to Greenville has been great because it’s a really fit city. We have a really great group here,” he said. Jackman helped launch the third-ever Iron Tribe gym before hitting the road with sights set on expanding the brand to the Upstate. Greenville’s Augusta Road gym opened in May of 2015. Just a year and a half later, the Woodruff location is scheduling classes.

How did that expansion happen so fast? It’s all in the mission. “By being intentional, actually caring and knowing their goals, and helping achieve them. We don’t let them fall off. They have to try really hard to fall off.”

Iron Tribe’s business model is focused on people, not numbers. With a membership comes access to trainers, daily classes, and health professionals. “Not everyone needs it, but if they want to use it and be here and make a change, we’re here for them,” said Jackman.


On average the business only loses three percent of their members annually in comparison industry standard around 30%. “Everyone wants a little victory and we love celebrating those,” Jackman said. “But what is really important is how it affects the rest of their lives. When they say ‘I lost ten pounds and I’m more confident, or my relationship with my husband or wife improved because I’m more present or I have more energy for my kids or I’m not hurting — That’s where we get fired up.”

After Jackman’s baseball career ended, he missed the team aspect of his athletic career, and got into strength training and went to business school. His passions were fitness, ministry, commercial real estate and business. He didn’t think there was a way to combine all of these together, until he found Iron Tribe.

“I found my business partner who saw eye to eye with what I wanted to do and we decided to launch here in Greenville. We wanted to make a local impact, but also on a global level.”

In fact, they take this mission on a broader scale and hold an annual fundraised called “Workout For Water” which will raises money for Neverthist, an international nonprofit Christian organization dedicated to building clean water wells in impoverished nations. This year’s fundraiser is October 22 at 9:00 a.m.

From supporting causes close to Iron Tribe’s mission, supporting athletes in all aspects of their life, and focusing on what makes a gym more than a place to work out, Iron Tribe has spread across the southeast in just the last five years— Two in Greenville.

The 101 classes are enrolling in both the Augusta and Woodruff location, which include a fitness assessment and coaching.

“It’s all about the experience. We want to make this the best gym experience you’ve ever had, and we’re willing to do whatever it takes to do that.”




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