New Reedy River park may feature climbing wall, sprayground and stage

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Greenville got its first glance on Tuesday of the new Reedy River park and how the area surrounding it could be transformed. The signature park will be on land now occupied by the city’s public works facility.

Possible amenities include:

  • A great lawn
  • A stage
  • A baseball park
  • A destination playground
  • A garden walk and community gardens
  • A new pedestrian bridge over the Reedy River
  • Picnic pavilions
  • An adult fitness area and climbing wall
  • A “sprayground” water feature

The park project includes restoration of the Reedy River. Steep banks and a reduced natural floodplain causes flood waters to rise quickly. Bank stability is threatened.

MKSK, a Columbus, Ohio-based urban design and landscape architecture firm, proposes to expand the active floodplain by excavating a bankfull bench. The plan preserves significant trees and uses vegetation to reduce erosion and to filter sediment.

The plan creates accessible view sheds of natural bedrock features and integrates a pedestrian trail system into the expanded river bank zone.

The 22-acre park would use natural vegetation to reduce demand for pesticides and to reduce the urban heat island effect. In addition, the park would reduce runoff by using permeable paving for parking areas. On-site solar systems would reduce power costs.

MKSK will now produce final plans for the park and the Reedy River Park district. The district is bordered by West Washington, Willard, Mayberry and Hudson streets and includes the Kroc Center, A.J. Whittenberg Elementary and part of the Swamp Rabbit Trail.



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4 thoughts on “New Reedy River park may feature climbing wall, sprayground and stage”

  1. I would like to know why plans for a public skatepark are not including in this. 22 of the metropolitan cities in close sizes to Greenville all have atleast one public skatepark. We have plenty of baseball fields and they only get used for one season out of the year. A skatepark would get used year round and would also bring in out of state dollars to the community. There are so many people between the ages of 11-30 who either skateboard or rollerblade who have no where to go so we go to the streets of downtown and other areas. Or leave the county and most of the time the state. And that’s a lot of money being spent other places other than Greenville. I would like to know why a skatepark hasn’t be considered when millions of dollars are being spent on this yet I’ve been told time and time again that Greenville doesn’t have a budget for a skatepark.

  2. This is an incredible asset and visionary! Please try to save the Chinese pearl bloom tree. (I have placed a red white and blue star on with tree). thank you

  3. As our city and region grows, I am concerned that the city leaders are not considering sustainability as a means to envision this growth. With water as a resource that is in short supply here in the upstate (currently in a drought), why is a water “splash” park being considered? These are dollars better spent on playground obstacles for the younger park users.

  4. When was the public hearing/open house for the park. I have been looking for wome advertisement of a community meeting. How was the program defined? Also I believe the RFP Requested how to proceed with development around the park, how it connects to the neighborhood etc. They got about $500,000 to just design a park????

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