GVLtoday hacks: How to get the most from your morning

This newsletter can help you be smarter by lunchtime


You know that “how did I not know about that?” feeling after seeing a friend’s post on Facebook? Or the nagging “I need to remember that” imaginary event calendar in your head? Us too. And we work in news. This is why Community Journals created GVLtoday: A daily email newsletter that provides curation and commentary on the news and ongoings in the Upstate.

Every weekday at 6:30 a.m., when you’re in the daze of your early morning routine, GVLtoday is delivered to your inbox.

It goes like this: Read a short daily themed introduction. Then we throw down 6-10 facts, figures and information such as the weather, events, sports scores, jobs postings, news headlines, and anything else interesting (like, did you know it will cost Greenville County Schools $111,000 to buy their needed 182 yearly Epi-Pens with the recent price inflation?! Probably not.)

Then, enter the good stuff, which is 4-8 curated articles from a variety of publications (don’t hate, celebrate) and we summarize them in one to two paragraphs. Everything is linked so if you want to know more, you can click through and read to your hearts desire. We include fun stuff, too, like a Post of the Day, an interesting quote from a community member, and we are shortly rolling out contributor sections.

GVLtoday has been live for about 60 days, and it’s been in the works for months and months. The community has welcomed the digital publication with open arms (plus a strong editing eye – thank you, write-in regulars) and also,  important lessons. One of those being that many email filters are particular creatures. We put together a guide to help you receive and enjoy GVLtoday. See you in the email!

– Mary. GVLtoday producer

If you don’t get GVLtoday yet, sign up at GVLtoday.com. Once you’re on the list, confirm your subscription by opening the email you receive immediately after signing up by clicking on the “confirm subscription” button in the email from GVLtoday. At this time, go ahead and add the email hello@GVLtoday.com to your address book or “safe senders list”. Then, be on the lookout for the first email the next weekday at 6:30 a.m. If you see it right away, great – your mornings are made from now on!

If you don’t see it in your normal inbox, look in your spam folder (or promotions, for GMail users). If it’s there, once you add it to your “safe senders list” and move it to your normal inbox, it should be safe sailing from there on out.

Pro-tip: If you receive Upstate Business Journals “Inbox” email that comes in every Friday at noon, you are already receiving GVLtoday (although, it may be hidden in your email. Reference above.)

If you just know you signed up and have no idea where the email is, reach out to us at GVLtoday.com/#contact. We can confirm your email and problem solve why you aren’t seeing it.

Do you love GVLtoday but just have too many emails? We hear you. You can read the content daily by going to GVLtoday.com and clicking on “email archive” on the top left.

Added bonus: @GVLtoday on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Stay in the know, all day, everyday.

What people are saying:


“My wife and I are loving GVL Today. Both the aesthetic and the content. You’re doing great work! Keep going!”

– Brian Knox, Habitat for Humanity of Greenville


“Looove waking up to a quick, daily read on GVL! Ya’ll are doing a great job with it.”



“I love this newsletter!! We are hoping to relocate over the next year to GVL from Charlotte and it’s helping to soldify why!!! Thank you.”

– Laura Bennstrom


“GVLtoday wants to be a must-read and they nailed it today.”

– @jenoladipo



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