Southern Pressed launches to-go app

Southern Pressed Juicery launched a mobile ordering app this week.


Southern Pressed Juicery, Greenville’s first organic raw food restaurant and juicery, launched a mobile ordering app this week. The app allows customers to order, prepay for their meal and set a pick-up time. It also gives customers the option to request curbside pick-up where an employee will bring your order out to you. Past orders will also be available, so you can order your “regular” as easily as possible.


Southern Pressed’s Co-Owner Olivia Esquivel says the idea of the app was sparked by customers wishing the restaurant had a drive-through window. She started encouraging them to call in their orders before they got there so they could just pick them up. The demand for to-go orders got so high the idea for an app was born.


The app has been in the making for three months to ensure that customers would have the easiest experience while ordering. “We took some time to experiment with the ordering process as well as the execution to make sure that guests would receive the same level of experience and service as they would if they were ordering in the store,” said Esquivel.


For Esquivel, the ultimate goal is to make eating healthy easier. “We have found that accessibility is often the biggest barrier to eating right,” said Esquivel. By cutting down order time and avoiding parking completely customers can order fresh, organic products with a drive-through convenience.


Orders can be placed through the app or their website.



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