Greenville: Through A Child’s Eyes…


Story by: Brittny Ervin, Carefully Curated CLT.
Video by: Orion Yorke
Images by: Wonderlight Photography

As the years have come and gone, my appreciation for our hometown has grown. Through my daughter’s eyes, I’ve been able to discover all that’s new to Greenville – all that it has to offer. I can’t help but think of a dream I once had, when I was five – and realized that the world was my oyster.


My friends and I stumbled across reflections of my papa’s history in Greenville.




I danced in the streets with my friends – without any abandon. We listened to the street performers at the corner of Washington and Main, laughing because we were able to sneak away and stumble across the adorable Mice on Main.




My friends and I stopped by the local ice cream wagon and enjoyed a handmade popsicle – in a flavor that surpassed my imagination. Sea salt caramel, anyone?




Thinking of how much I liked to read all of the Archie Comics, I asked my friends to take a trek to a quaint bookstore, but not before stopping off and enjoying ice water at the local watering hole, only to discover that sometimes people watching provides the most fun.





We took a brisk walk over to my hometown’s own Broadway. Thank goodness one of my favorite Disney princesses will soon be making her grand appearance in downtown Greenville.




I woke up abruptly­ – interrupted by my daughter inquiring why I was smiling while asleep. I responded that I loved where we live; she replied, “Good, let’s go on an adventure!” I smiled again and we got ready to go…




As summer vacation comes to an end and our children head back to school, it’s a great time to reflect on the many ways that a child can open our eyes to the the world around us. I’m constantly reminded why I’m so happy to call Greenville our home.



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