Bottoms Up: What is Greenville’s favorite drink?

Vodka wins out, and boxed wine is still wine


Liquid Catering, a Greenville company that provides bartenders, mixologists and the accompanying booze for all occasions, conducted a survey of more than 5,000 Upstate event attendees, planners and vendors on their drink (or drinks) of choice.

The results?

“Wine is wine.” That’s right — a shocking 69.9 percent of event attendees didn’t mind boxed wine as long as it tasted good. When it comes to liquor, vodka has an edge over all others with a 36 percent preference rate, while there is a tie between scotch, Canadian whiskey and rum with an identical 6.92 percent preference rate.

When it comes to beer served at events, Blue Moon outperforms with 21.82 percent preference, and Yuengling is last at 18.18 percent.

Liquid Catering conducted the survey to understand what the “average wedding attendee, gala fan or corporate event patron really wants.”

“We want people to get the best customer service,” said Tammy Johnson, the company’s owner. “That means we need to know what they want when they go to an event.”

The bottom line? Serve vodka, any type of wine and Blue Moon at your next party — although maybe not at once.

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