Fero tells tales of boomers on the road


“I had this story in my head for a long time and I said, ‘I need to see if I can write this,’” said local author Patt Fero. Born and raised in Lancaster, Fero spent more than 25 years in the private club and hospitality industry before settling into Greenville and becoming a full-time author.

Her first novel, “www.queenmotorhome.com,” is the story of two baby boomer characters, Leslie and Liz, who embark on an adventure of a lifetime. In their mid-50s, the two friends have reached a peak, with successful careers, families and financial security many baby boomers strive their whole lives for. They’ve joked for years about running away in a motor home. That’s when Leslie’s world takes a turn. She sends Liz their secret SOS code: www.queenmotorhome.com, and they set out on a journey in their newly acquired motor home.

“It’s about their road adventure and how it changed their lives,” Fero said.

Pat Fero

Fero’s second novel and sequel, “The Reunion,” revisits Leslie and Liz’s life on the road. A new adventure takes them to their 40th high school reunion on Georgia’s Jekyll Island during hurricane season. On the brink of another midlife crisis, Leslie and Liz decide to make lasting memories by the coast and go through even more life-changing experiences. “‘The Reunion’ will make readers smile and laugh as they reminisce about their own youthful days and experience self-evaluations, inner thoughts and relate to life changes,” Fero wrote on her website.

“The Reunion” recently won two national awards. The novel was named as a finalist in the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the chick-lit category. It was also named an honorable mention in the 2016 Hollywood Book Festival in the general fiction category. The annual book festival competition celebrates book that deserve greater recognition from the film, television, game and multimedia communities, according to the Hollywood Book Festival.

Fero said she has two additional sequels written, “Sex on Wheels” and “Home Sweet Home,” but is waiting to publish them. She is currently working on her fifth novel.

Fero’s novels are available at Fiction Addiction, Barnes & Noble, online at Amazon and via Kindle. For more information, visit queenmotorhome.com.





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