Forestry commission urges care in burning


The South Carolina Forestry Commission issued an advisory Monday morning warning state residents to take precautions when burning yard debris and conducting prescribed burns.

The warning came in the wake of wildfires occurring in every geographic region of South Carolina Sunday and Monday.

The warning came despite predictions of increased relative humidity levels, mild winds and expected precipitation during the week.

Precautions include creating an adequate firebreak around the area to be burned and having enough personnel, water and equipment to keep the fire under control at all times.

Forest fire danger in South Carolina is highest in late winter and early spring when most vegetation is dead or dormant.

In South Carolina, 98 percent of all wild land fires are caused by human activities, and escaped debris burns are responsible for nearly 50 percent of them, according to the Forestry Commission.

Forestry Commission firefighters respond to an average of 2,500 wildfires every year. The fires burn about 18,000 acres annually.



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