Sense & His Ability


SenseAbilityMay16featureAs the sun moves across the sky, yin and yang gradually trade places with each other, revealing what was obscured and obscuring what was revealed.

The mixed media art created by Justin Oberste is an exploration of past, present, and future. The encrusted surfaces of his pieces are rich with symbolism. Breaking through layers of plaster, rich jewels appear that represent one’s true self, obscured by a myriad of conflicting influences. The hieroglyphic-like incisions are deeply-etched markings that imply a surface that erodes with time. These components represent a life’s journey riddled with darkness and light, the beautiful and the grotesque, as well as repression and recovery. Oberste channels all of these things in his recent exhibit Neglect and Nurture. “In uences make us who we are. Neglect and nurture, when channeled, can awaken the artful soul,” says Eric Brown.

Marking Time // Justin Oberste’s canvases bear layers of materials, cracks, impressions, and worn-away areas that suggest an organic evolution, much like the experience of life itself.

Eric Brown has curated the collection of Justin Oberste’s work, which may be viewed by appointment at Eric Brown Design, 101A Augusta St, Greenville, beginning May 15. For more information, call (864) 233-4442.

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