“It was disheartening to not have the time, and it’s truly gratifying now to be able to give the patients what they need and what they deserve.”


Tired of waiting an hour for an appointment that only lasts 10 minutes? PartnerMD, a concierge medical practice, was designed to make sure that never happens to patients. Whereas some doctors at other practices might be pressured to see 20 or 30 patients a day, the physicians at PartnerMD typically see fewer than 10. While other doctors may have 4,000 patients in their patient base, a Partner MD physician has only 575 – a number that allows them to get to know and care about each one individually.

“You keep hearing about physician burnout,” said Dr. Jana Morse, who specializes in internal medicine. “We’re not burned out at PartnerMD. We have time to care about people and address the whole person, because you can’t make progress on chronic illness without addressing mental and emotional health and lifestyle.”

Dr. Jack Durham, a family physician, was so fed up with his previous job, he was seriously considering early retirement. “I always felt guilty before and would spend time apologizing for keeping my patients waiting,” Durham said. “It was disheartening to not have the time to spend with my patients, and it’s truly gratifying now to be able to give the patients what they need and what they deserve.”

PartnerMD was founded in 2003 as an answer to the many frustrations both patients and doctors have with traditional primary care. The first office opened in Virginia, and now there are eight locations, including the Greenville office, with Morse, Durham and Dr. Jim Burford, who practices family medicine.

Concierge medicine is gaining traction nationwide as unsatisfied patients search for a better way to receive care. Patients pay a membership fee to join, but then enjoy numerous benefits, including same- or next-day appointments, minimal wait times and 24/7 access to their doctors. Dr. Morse found this access can be life-saving. Recently, a patient contacted her on a Saturday night concerned with calf swelling, which Morse recognized as a blood clot. “She would not have survived until morning,” Morse said.

Most patients see the value of their membership quickly by missing less time from work, saving on prescriptions and often reducing the number of drugs they are taking through lifestyle changes. “Working at PartnerMD allows me to have more quality time with my patients to better understand their situation,” Burford said. “This helps me understand the preventative measures we need to take.”

All three doctors follow their own advice about healthy lifestyles, as all are enthusiastic cyclists. Morse also does martial arts, Durham loves hiking and fishing with his son and Burford is a champion drag racer!

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