In the real estate game, it’s good to have a niche. Steven Smith carved his out of a 25-year career in the timber industry.

After graduating from Clemson with a degree in forest resource management, Steven worked in the timber industry for many years before starting Cross Creek Timber in 2009. Through this company he buys standing timber from private landowners, and works with those landowners to develop a forest management / harvesting plan that accurately reflects the objectives they have for the property. This plan is then implemented in the field using professional qualified logging contractors. “We do not have a boiler plate system for harvesting”, says Steven, “every piece of land is as different as the person who owns it.” In 2013 Steven saw an opportunity to use his well-rounded expertise to assist landowners in dealing with real estate and timber. Today Cross Creek Realty and Cross Creek Timber operate as sister companies.

“We love land – we deal primarily in the vacant land, farms and recreational properties – and we love people,” Steven says. “You take the right person and put them on the right piece of land, that’s a great business plan.” Equally important is the company’s ability to market every piece of property to its fullest potential for our clients. “We use the boots on the ground approach and know everything we can about a piece of property before it goes on the market.”

The niche has proven so successful that last year the business started to outgrow the upstairs garage apartment on the family farm in Easley that served as their base of operations. Cross Creek Realty now has a storefront in bustling downtown Travelers Rest, having set up shop in an old brick house Steven bought and converted into an office.

“We love this area,” Steven says of Cross Creek Realty’s new home. “To have a physical location in a growing setting such as Travelers Rest I think is going to work well for us.”

Steven feels so committed to this new space that he brought in a brick mason to build the sign and mailbox out front using reclaimed bricks from his mother’s childhood home in Berea that was recently dismantled. “The history and memories of those bricks and the history of this old house seemed right together.” The sign was constructed to match the arches on the front porch of the office.

Steven is joined in the business by Alan Brockington, who is also both a timber expert and REALTOR®, and his by his brother, Bradley Smith, who was brought on board to handle special projects and residential lots. Steven and Bradley both live in downtown Greenville and Alan lives in Easley.

115 N Poinsett Hwy., Travelers Rest 864.517.3621 |

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